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  1. The true equilizer......
  2. Major Idle Issues!
  3. How Do I Knw When My Clutch Is Going???
  4. Spring Rate Archive
  5. Strut Tower Bar Theory
  6. auto to 5spd
  7. Effects of a Light weight fly wheel
  8. Offset
  9. CA18DET
  10. Suspension Setup 101
  11. A Track Near You
  12. 4-to-5-lug conversion/4 corner Z32 brakes
  13. S15 Front end Coversion
  14. digital speed meter
  15. Differences in trim levels (base, SE, LE)
  16. USDM & JDM Bodykits
  17. Theory of a Rotating Mass
  18. Engine fundamentals!
  19. ECU - Location, Reset, Codes.
  20. Bypassing factory amps
  21. programming keyless entry remote
  22. Parts sources
  23. Free / Cheap mods!
  24. removing emblems
  25. How tires are measured/rated
  26. Installing aftermarked CD player
  27. Changing my front brakes
  28. Sil Eighty?
  29. info all newbies should know...
  30. ~~ How to remove and clean fuel injectors? ~~
  31. SR20DET specs
  32. turbo manifold options
  33. Idle fluctuation
  34. Am I missing anything?
  35. AWD, FWD, RWD
  36. was the sil-eighty an actual production car?
  37. Quick Reference Chart: 240SX
  38. vsld s13
  39. For you yellow headlight people
  40. S13 speed limiter removal info for y'all...
  41. SR20det Turbo Guide
  42. Crappy parts
  43. Tire Size Calculator
  44. A college course on how to deal with a bad seller
  45. Engine Flush
  46. How to fix clutch pedal sticking, weakness, etc
  47. how to bleed brakes ?
  48. Complete F&R 300ZX brake swap
  49. Throttle tightening for fun and profit
  50. converting pully water pump to electric water pump
  51. Turbo Sizing Tips and Compressor Map How-To's
  52. FAQs On Zilvia.net - FIND MORE FAQs HERE!
  53. Silvia / 180sx history
  54. rewiring 97 headlights
  55. Read if you are shopping for an SR Swap
  56. Auto to 5 speed swap
  57. VLSD's In 240sx's what works and what doesn't
  58. TT Aluminum 300zx caliper polishing gone good ;)
  59. Braking system FAQ/diagnosis
  60. Quest for Timing Chain Rattle: Complete
  61. this is how to bypass the active speakers
  62. S-AFC II translated manual
  63. Sileighty
  64. Shocks Vrs Struts. If ya dont know.. Read this!
  65. How to modify sliders to accept bottom mount seats in S13 (recaros)
  66. Whiteline Sway Bars Endlink Problems
  67. PICTURE THREAD! Post your car HERE
  68. Tein Hard Tie Rods
  69. How To: recirc a Blitz BOV (w/pics)
  70. need help re performance upgrades
  71. Nissan S13 chassis codes
  72. What can I expect to pay for S13 -> S14 5Lug hubs/spindles/knuckles
  73. No More Spongy Brake Pedal
  74. Original Paint Colors on 240sx's
  75. How to: Swap from SOHC to DOHC
  76. 240SX SCCA Solo II Classification
  77. LSD types info
  78. S13 Silvia Headlamp bulbs FAQ READ ME FIRST (headlight bulb projector halogen fog)
  79. injector size ?
  80. Rear Ladder Bar Install...How-To w/ Pics.
  81. Sunroof "whistle" fixed!!! MUAHAHAHA!
  82. Starting a Trend....Sticky?!.....Exhaust Notes!
  83. 5 lug Conversion Spindle Bolt Sleeves (PICS+SPECS)
  84. The low-down on S13 Diff options?
  85. Budget Z32 Front & Rear brake swap (also rear 5-lug how-to)
  86. 5 lug hub question...its not about fitment
  87. SR20DET Fuel System Upgrade
  88. SR20DET Fuel System Upgrade
  89. MUST READ before getting a drop-in HID kit!
  91. Rear main seal (KA24DE)
  92. Rubber boots for heim joints (pillow ball)
  93. so I fixed my smog issues with high nox..
  94. Z32 MAF Install SR20DET (Pics)
  95. SOHC Timing Chain RR
  96. How to seal leaky taillamps
  97. White bunny special (240mm Clutch How-To)
  98. How to swap in tachometer (56K warned)
  99. 240sx swaybar upgrades: a technical article
  100. How to select oxygen (O2) sensor for SR
  101. How to install steering wheel and quick-release hub (56k warned)
  102. 95/96 to 97/98 front end conversion....what's involved
  103. How-to: Better S13 Silvia headlights
  104. Greddy Oil Catch Can KA *Approved*
  105. Leak Down & Pressurized Testing 101 *Approved*
  106. FPR install on sr20 *Approved*
  107. How To:Add Resistors for Low Impedence/High Impedance Injectors *Approved*
  108. S14 Auto-> Manual with pics
  109. S14 Auto-> Manual with pics
  110. How To Replace Camshafts *Approved*
  111. Not all side skirts are created equal - FAQ / guide
  112. Coolant Swirl Tank : How To Installment no.2 *Approved*
  113. How to add traction in 30 minutes or less *Approved*
  114. The [OFFICIAL] How To Search! *Approved*
  115. Brief tutorial on how electronics work
  116. HOW TO PAINT YOUR OWN RIDE for Under $300
  117. Custom exhaustedness
  118. How to: Install 5 lug hubs (only have pics of rear)
  119. S14 Nismo Power Brace Install
  120. EDU: Kouki S14 Silvia bumper identification.
  121. How to install a Walbro 255 LPH Fuel Pump *Approved*
  122. How to wire CA/SR Tach signal to 89-90 Cluster
  123. How to assemble -AN lines *Approved*
  124. How To Weld An Open Differential *Approved*
  125. S13 Hatch Rear Overfenders DIY *Approved*
  126. Installing radio/t.v into s14
  127. How to: install Safc II into a s14.
  128. Gauge clusters
  129. Factory turbos
  130. how to fix your HUD!
  131. How To: Remove Tint
  132. header install
  133. 180sx position/bumper light install
  134. Aerocatch Hood Pin Install
  135. How To: LED tail lights
  136. Writeup: custom Koni and Ground Control coilover setup assembly
  137. DIY: Z31/2003 Altima Rear Rotor Upgrade for S14 Calipers
  138. How To: Throttle Body Rebuild / Disassembly / Assembly