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09-27-2002, 11:42 AM
Grover Pickering, who owns the SE-R Classifieds at http://classifieds.se-r.net/ has this amazing response to guy who had a problem with someone who posted an ad on his site. He obviously put allot of time and effort into writing a well detailed plan of action to go after this guy, and then he went to the trouble of looking up this guys school, phone number, local PD, and DA etc... damn, I'm tired just writing about it. Great job Grover.

This information is too valuable to not be shared, so here it is for all of you to see, and (hopefully not need to) use.

Since this is still America, and people are inocent until proven guilty, I've blanked out some of the details.

From Grover Pickering

This is irritating.

Someone is committing a crime and using my server to do it. And, soiling the name of the SE-R community.

Anyway, here goes.

Nathan is a student at **** University (or faculty)
http://www. ****.edu/. He used their email. So, first I would find out if they have a campus police department and contact them. Also, write a nice, formal letter to the university advising them of the situation. Call them first to find out who to address the letter to. They might be interested in the activities one of their students is involved in and using their system to do it.

Grover listed the college address here

Also, contact the police department in **** and the county DA (**** County).

**** City of Police Department - Business
Again, Grover listed the police address here

**** County District Attorney
And the County DA’s address

Next contact the FBI and the Postal Inspector. This Postal Inspector is probably the best bet of all. And, they are serious about this. Since this transaction crossed state boundaries it's Federal and you used the post office, they are involved.


PO BOX 400
SEATTLE WA 98111-4000

Phone : 206-442-6300
Fax : 206-442-6304


Be sure to keep all emails, receipts, and log of phone calls. Oh, is his phone# ***-***-****? I may call him just to visit  As you can tell, I'm not a big fan of people not being honest.

I think if any one of these agencies contacts him, he will realize that he has messed up and return your $200. Keep me posted.

And, thanks Chris for letting me know.

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