View Full Version : How Do I Knw When My Clutch Is Going???

03-20-2002, 10:15 AM
I dont knw how to explain it but my clutch is feeling different these past few days. But i dont know if i need to change it or not...Recently I need to press the clutch really low to feel it contact.

What kinda of signs should i watch out for if i need to change the clutch?

03-20-2002, 10:41 AM
If your actual clutch is going bad it will actually slip when you are flooring it at high RPMs. So if your in 3rd gear on the highway and just floor it you will see your RPM's jump but your car will hardly go anywhere, and when it does this and you let off the throttle you will feel the clutch catch and kind of jerk you as the clutch starts to catch at the lower rpm's.

Now if you having trouble getting into gear it is more then likely your Master or Slave Clutch Cylinders. If there is a problem with these units then you will have trouble getting into gear and if they go bad you wont be able to get in gear while the car is on. You can test to see if the Master Clutch Cylinder is working by adding fluid to it (it will be located in the top right corner of your engine bay) open it up and see where the fluid level is. If its low or your having problems getting into gear when its cold or whenever then do the following.

Turn off your engine and add fluid if needed to the Master Cylinder. Keep the lid off of the Cylinder and go inside the car and pump the clutch as much as you can for some time. Its best if you can have someone help you with this to see if the Cylinder creates any bubbles. If it bubbles then there are some air pockets in your system. So if it bubbles or takes any fluid then refill it until it and keep pumping until is doesn't bubble or until it cant take any additional fluids. If this helps then your lucky, otherwise you may want to expect your Master or Slave Clutch Cylinder to fail in the future. But this problem has nothing to do really with a worn out clutch.

04-27-2002, 12:25 AM
Could someone post up the steps to changing a clutch?