View Full Version : Whiteline Sway Bars Endlink Problems

04-15-2003, 04:57 PM
posted by "Halz"

If you plan on deviating from the stock spring rates, Whiteline's adjustable bars make the most sense.

As far as I know, all of the antiroll bars on the market are 'tuned' to the stock spring rates. Changing the spring rates would change the roll rate, at which point, a non-adjustable bar could hinder the car's overall performance.

The 'problem' with Whiteline's endlinks was that people were not installing the bar properly.

See this discussion on Whiteline's techboard

Installing and tuning any suspension component should be done with the car at ride height (even struts/coilovers, to an extent.. the strut housing on the front must be 'resting' on the bolts. Granted, this would be taken care of shortly after the inital drive..)

Polyurethane bushings must not be 'tight'. The bushing is not at all like rubber. If a bushing is tight, is will bind, thus not allowing the bar to be very effective.