View Full Version : 5 lug Conversion Spindle Bolt Sleeves (PICS+SPECS)

04-15-2004, 06:19 AM
If you are doing a 5 lug conversion on an S13 and you have nice coilovers on your car and like me do not feel like taking a drill to them to enlarge the holes to accomodate the larger diameter S14 bolts, here's what you do. Call a general machine shop in your area and tell them that you need steel sleeves made. They need to be 30mm long, have an I.D. of 11.91mm or .4685, and have an O.D. of 13.85mm or .5445 Thank You ALEX CHANG!
You will need 4 of them and you can put them into your S14 spindles. This will decrease the size of the hole to accomodate the smaller diameter S13 bolts. I bought the S13 bolts and nuts from Nissan for $13.00 and I had the sleeves made for $35
Here are pics of mine: http://www.planb-attack.com/jay/Spindleadapter.jpg

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