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07-19-2002, 10:43 AM
s13 89-93 models - 89-90 are SOHC and 91-93 are DOHC
s13 94 DOHC but the only model made was the convertible (only available in automatic transmission)
s14 95-98 models they also being DOHC
s15 post 98 Silvia models (not sold in the us)

s13, s14, s15 being the chassis (body style) code.

KA24DE: DOHC engine, KA24E: SOHC engines
SR20DET: post 1991 Silvia and 180SX engine (not sold in the us) (You will learn about the different SR20s further down!<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=';)'>
CA18DET: pre 1991 Silvia and 180SX engine (not sold in the us) for more info on this look on the faq with the tittle CA18DET!

For a list of all other Nissan engines and their specs refer to:

Hatchbacks also refereed to as the fastback are available only on s13 models. Seeing as all s14s are coupes. The fastback is the Japanese 180SX and the coupes are the Japanese Silvia with the 180SX front end! Although we didn’t get the nice engines they have! The US robbed us out of the turbo engines and gave us a higher displacement engine out of the pathfinder! Therefore some idiots will call the ka24 a truck engine! Don’t do this or you WILL get flamed!

Le, se are trim levels/ LE = luxury/limited edition (with ABS & VLSD and all SE options) and SE Sports Edition (sport suspension, rear spoiler, power options).

You might also hear terms like Sil-Eighty and it just means to the JDM hatchback (180SX) with the front end off of the JDM coupe (Silvia), for more info on this look at the faq with the title Sil-Eighty.


S13 red-top SR20DET
180SX 91-93 and Silvia 91-93
characterized by T-25 turbo and red top (very common)

S13 black-top SR20DET
180SX 94-98
characterized by T-25 turbo and black top

S14 black-top SR20DET
94-98 Silvia
characterized by T-28 turbo and black top (different turbo than S13 among other things)

S15 black-top SR20DET
1999+ Silvia
characterized by T-28 turbo, VTC, and black top (different turbo than S13)

Hope this helps!

BTW... I dicided to do this so that we don't get questions like.. i have an 89 coupe.. is it s14 or s15? lol... if anybody wants to add something or correct me somewhere please don't reply so we don't get something that scares newbies with 100 replys... instead send me a private message.. i'll edit this and give you credit.. thank you!