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05-12-2002, 02:21 PM
"Engine" :

The engine provides the energy to propel (move) the vehicle and operate the other systems .Most engine consume gasoline or diesel fuel (in the case of 240SX owners :"fuel").The fuel burns in the engine to produce heat.This heat causes gas expansion ,creating pressure inside the engine.The pressure moves internal engine parts to produce power.

The engine is usually located in the front portion of the body .Placing the heavy engine in this position makes the vehicle safer in the even of a head -on collision (accident) . In a few vehicles ,the engine is mounted in the rear to improve handling.

Basic engine parts
"In line 4 cilinder show"

The block: is a metal casting that holds all the other engine parts in place .

The cilinder : is round hole bored (machined) in the block.It guides the piston movement.


As you can see in left side of the picture ,the are 4 round cilinders . This image is showing what an engine block could look!

The piston : is a cilindrical component that transfer the energy of combustion (burning air-fuel mixture) to the connecting rod.


As you can see this is a piston image ,behind it you can see the
"Connecting Rod" .

The rings : seal the small gap around the sides of the pistons .They keep combustion pressure and oil from leaking between the piston and the cilinder wall (cilinder surface) .

The connecting rod : it links the piston to the crank shaft .

The crankshaft : changes the reciprocating ( up and down ) motion of the piston and rod into useful rotary (spinning) motion .

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