View Full Version : Installing aftermarked CD player

07-04-2002, 08:29 AM
1. Attain all the things you are going to need for install.  Philps head screwdriver and MAYBE wire strippers.
2. Go to an audio place or circuit city/best buy and pick up a wire harness connector and antenna adaptor.  (YES..spend the money on these things.  If you destroy the factory harness, you will have to do volt-meter testing on wires to find out which go where.  Also, if you ever sell/trade in/wreck your car...you will need to replace the stock CD player)
3. If your stock cd player fades in and out or crackles badly...odds are your amps are messed up...bypass them Bypassing factory amps  Odds are they are not messed up...so leave them.  Your music will distort less at high volumes.
4. Install time:  There is a plastic plate around your shifter (both auto and manual)  put fingers on inside of the ring and pull up.  You should feel some play in it, work with that.  May take some wiggling, but it WILL come out without tools.
5. See the 2 center air vents?  point them downward and you can get your fingers kinda under them.  Pull straight out and that whole piece (with hazards and AC controls) will come right out.   It will make life easy to disconnect the harnesses and put this piece safely aside. (note:  SAFELY...these things will break)
6. There are now 5 screws to remove.  2 at the bottom that hold the remaining plastic piece on.  1 behind the ashtray (also holding this piece on) and 2 holding the factory mounting bracket on.  Carefully pull out the center plastic piece (again...careful...if you bought your car used, someone should have taken the liberty of breaking it for you already   )
7. Take out the factory bracket and disconnect the harnesses to the CD player.  There are 4 screws on the sides of the CD player holding it in place.  Remove those.  (note:  These are a bitch.  They are in there tight and want to strip.  Use a screwdriver that fits properly and LOTS of pressure)
8. When you get stock cd player out of the bracket, put your new one there.  Theres screw holes on the side for it to mount nicely.  Secure that.  (you may need different screws...i did for my pioneer and managed to find them in my garage)
9. Now, plug in your newly bought wiring harness to the stock one.  Then plug that into the back of your CD player.  (The best buy people should have given your the correct one...if not, repost and i'll tell you what wires to splice to ur head unit)
10. Thats it, make sure everything works and put it back together.  Mounting bracket in first,  and top 2 screws.  Then Fragile ass plastic piece, bottom 2 screws and ashtray screw.  Reconnect the harnesses for your Defog and Hazards (your turnsigs wont work without them  ) and pop that back into place.  Finally the one around the shifter and your in business.