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09-03-2007, 01:11 PM
I will post up pics once they are uploaded from my friends camera.

This is only a guide to help s14 owners (who are running KA since we spent about an hour or so searching apexi, Ka-t.org, the fsm online, and 240sx.org. This is just a compilation of what I thought would be useful for those attempting to do the same. This should only take you about 30min once by following the steps we took.

So apexi's website only has it for s13 ka24de for their installation guide.

We had to go to KA-t to get the wire color functions for the afc (most people have spliced them for obdI cars, IT'S ONLY 8 WIRES!!! :bigok: ).

here is the pinout i used from a s13 (from ka-t) to figure which wires went to which sensor:

First I Stripped off the passenger A pillar and the kick panel (headliner already removed). I decided I was going to mount the AFC by my rear view mirror so that it would be more low key and less clutter around the dash.

I had to Get an L-bracket (and bend it to the shape of the roof) and run the wires through the holes in the roof. (Those of you w/o sunroof's will have better mounting options since you won't have that sunroof control panel in the way).

Then I ran the wires along the A pillar down behind the dash next to the ecu.

So before you start make sure you disconnect the battery. You don't want to fry your ecu.

Unbolt the 10mm bolt holding the ecu harness in and pull the harness out. Now this is the guide i used to find the pinouts for the wires i needed.

(I guess the previous owner had an afc or something else and ghetto fab'd it back together)

http://www.plxdevices.com/ECUDatabase/Nissan/Nissan_240SXOBD2_95_98_Sentra_non972.0L_97_99_200S Xnon972.0L_97_98_Altima_non96CA_96_99_InfinitiG20_ 99.pdf
This one helps too:

These the corresponding wires on the afc and hopefully the right pinouts for the ecu you have to solder or loop (I forget the wire colors on the wiring harness but you have pin diagram so use it).

MAF signal (looped through the AFC)
White - Ecu pin 47 (input from MAF)
Yellow - ECu pin 47 (out put to ECU)

Gray - ECu pin 23

purple - ECU pin 54

Green - ECU pin 3

*O2 sensor check* added from barbade's info i haven't tested it yet so try this at your own risk:
Blue - ECU pin 46 (front o2 sensor) or 52 (rear o2 sensor)

Red - ECU pin 56

Ground ( u can just tap these two into the ground because if you loop it it won't work.)
Black - ECU pin 48
Brown - ECU pin 48

*do not worry about the pink, blue, and orange wires, you can just tape them up and put them aside, they might have been been for some type of vtec reading*

I decided to solder all the connections and use shrink wrap (first time i've solder in like almost a decade).

So the first try didn't work because the directions on the afc tell you to cut the ground 1cm from ecu and have the brown wire closest and the black wire furthest from the ecu (so it would loop through the afc),

We just cut them and just solder all of them leading into the ecu and it worked (after you've reconnected the battery of course).

Make sure that once you get power to the AFC you set it for you car (4cyl) and you can start getting the readings and playing with it.

(forgot to take a pic of everything spliced i'll do that today)

Happy tuning.

(Thanks to Kyle for getting stuck in my seat and searching, Boris for letting me use his garage and shiet, and Jeffy for coming by and dealing w/ the rats nest and finishing the last 3 wires that was in the middle of the jumble, that i didnt' feel like doing).

and the reason i needed the afc is for my KA-S.

First and only in norcal i believe... maybe even cali? *shrugs*

09-05-2007, 09:02 PM
I demand pics of this Dyno! ha ha nice write up. for reference you can use the Blue wire and tap it into the o2 sensor. and when you are crusing you can sensor check "sensor2" and it'll be the 02 sensor's Voltage output.

09-07-2007, 07:41 PM
Same deal for S13?
wiring, that is.

09-08-2007, 01:41 AM
Same deal for S13?
wiring, that is.

The ones for the 13 are on the first pic. The plugs/pins are different.