View Full Version : 240SX SCCA Solo II Classification

07-30-2003, 12:40 PM
What you can do and what class it will put you in...all at a glance:

G Stock (GS)
-any shocks/struts
-any front sway bar
-any reasonably quiet exhaust, from catalytic converter back
-comfort and convenience: light bulbs, stereo system, etc.
-any street or R-tire that will fit on stock sized and stock offset wheels
-any brake pads
-stainless steel brake lines on cars older than 1992
-remove spare tire/jack
-bolt-in roll bar or cage

Street Touring-Street Tire (STS)
-all GS allowances
-any springs
-polyurethance bushings.
-any rear sway bar
-strut tower bars-front, rear, top, and bottom
-front camber bolts or camber plates
-rear offset bushings or adjustable rear upper control arms
-any wheel up to 7.5”, any offset, with any street tire (treadwear > 140) up 225 width
-any stock sized slotted/drilled rotors
-stainless steel brake lines
-removed/disabled air conditioner
-any shifter/short-shifter
-any steering wheel that does not disable/remove a stock air bag
-any fully padded/upholstered front seats not less than 15lbs. Each
-body kits
-brake ducts

Street Touring-Street Tire Extreme (STX)
-all STS allowances
-any differential
-any bolt-on brake upgrade that retains e-brake
-hi-flow catalytic converter
-any tire (treadwear > 140) up to 245
-any wheel, any offset up to 8”

D Street Prepared (DSP)
-all GS allowances
-all STS allowances except adjustable rear upper control arms and body kits
-any front valance
-any rear spoiler that doesn’t extend more than 10” from bodywork, no wider than the car
-any wheel, any size, any offset
-any tire, any size, and treadwear
-removed/disabled emissions system(s)
-non-stock electric fans
-any organic clutch
-any differential
-removed heat and dust shields
-any steering wheel
-weld-in roll bar or cage
-update/backdate from other trim levels of the 240SX (VLSD, HICAS, etc.)
-any fully padded/upholstered front seats capable of accommodating an adult
-ported heads-no material can be removed more than one inch from port openings
-fender flares

Street Mod (SM)
-all DSP and STS allowances
-any Nissan/Infiniti engine (including SR and RB swaps)
-unlimited engine/drivetrain mods (turbo KA’s, bore, stroke, carbon fiber driveshafts, port and polished heads, high/low compression pistons, etc., etc., etc.)
-unlimited suspension using the same pickup points (adjustable control arms, ball joints, etc.)
-removed back seats
-fender flares
-replacement front fenders of any material
-replacement hood of any material
-hood scoops/vents
-any brakes that retain e-brake
-any spoiler that does not extend more than 6” off to the side of the car on either side and or more than 10” high
-2400lb minimum weight

E Prepared (EP)
-only S13 applies
-basically a tube frame with panels that resemble an S13
-highly modified, naturally aspirated KA24 or L20 (get a rulebook for specifics)

E Modified (EM)
-1500lb minimum weight
-any engine over 2000cc

D Modified (DM)
-1000lb minimum weight
-any engine under 2000cc

This not complete; just a summarization of 100 some-odd pages of the Solo II rulebook. If there is any incorrect or outdated info here, let me know and I'll fix it.