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08-05-2007, 09:13 PM
So you think your cool, and you want over fenders, or you might want to cover up some rough spots, or you think you have large rear wheels, either way, your new, and you have no idea what your doing.

This is where Dr. Robby comes in.

What you will need.

-Snap Clamps
-Rivet Gun
-5/16's Rivets
-5/16's Metal Drill Bit
-Large Hammer

1. Take Aim at your quater panal, Size it up with your overfender, see exactly where it will go, see how far you can cut, This varies between companies. I went with a B-Magic rear 30mm, and they fit Great.


2. Start cutting. Now you know how high you can cut, basically all the way to the top of the wheel well. WHY NOT? your covering it. Remember my car was a little battle damaged. So anyways cutting for me wasn't so hurtful. Remember to put your balls on. Take the saws-all and start cutting a new well. Note your metal will start to separate.


3. KEEP cutting, don't be a pussy. Cut, and hammer it up till the lips come together, then use your welder and very low, to tack them back together, you will need clamps to hold them together as you weld them.


4. Once your done welding, wipe it all down, and hit it with some primer, this will keep that bare metal from rusting.

5. Place the overfender back on, Use Duct tape to hold it in place. Remember THIS cannot move whatsoever. So tape it up good.


6. Now that is securely on there, You can take the dimples on the overfender and drill them for the rivets. I would suggest do them one at a time. Drill them all the way through the body and fender at the same time. Then place the rivet in and pop them in.


7. Now fill those wheel wells up.

I did a 5 lug and 17x9 +0 on stock camber ~ -3


My car went from totaled, to totally cool. :keke:





08-05-2007, 11:35 PM
Approved !