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08-12-2007, 04:34 PM
A lot of people seem to have problems installing radios into their cars. This is for the s14, but its quite similar to the s13 in many ways.

Inptstalling the radio is pretty simple, and you dont need a whole lot of tools. All you will need is:

-Screwdrivers, both philips and flat head
-wire cutters/strippers
-electrical tape
-soldering iron (optional but recommended)

First start by removing the shifter trim panel. It should pop right out with a little pressure as it just pops into place. Next remove the upper vent trim. Slide a flat head or other object gently between the trim panel and the radio trim panel and pry gently. You only need ot to lift up slightly so you can pell the rest off by hand. Its usually not a good idea to pry between the trim and dash as its easy to rip/deform the soft dash cover. Remove plugs for hazards/defrost and remove the trim.

Pulling off those 2 panels gives you access to the 5 screws holding the radio/trim in place. Remove these.

Now, you can pull the radio forward, remove wire harness from radio and cig lighter, and than the radio altogether. My car had a broken aftermarket radio in it already, but the factory system is quite similar. Depending on whether you are starting with single din and going to double ( or 2 singles) or double to single, will determine wether you keep or lose the cd pocket, or if you need to purchase one to fill the empty hole.

single din with pocket

2- singles. radio is mounted on bottom, tv on top. each unit is help into the metal frame with 2 screws on each side

After the radio has been readied for install, you can start on the wiring. If you are replacing the factory deck, please buy the $10 adapter so you dont have to cut into the factory wiring. You are just asking for problems doing that. Below I have the harnesses from both decks and the wiring adaptor. I didnt take pictures of the wiring process, as i dont want someone to take this as "set in stone" and fry something. But its pretty simple, just match colors. red-to-red, black-to-black, etc. There are some oddball ones that use, say pink for the constant power instead of yellow, so check the included manuals. I usually solder and than heat shrink the connections, but im changing out the deck next week so i just soldered and wrapped with tape. If you cant solder, you can use butt connectors or wire ties. Because im running 2 decks, soldering was a better option as there are a few 3-way connections for power, ground, etc.

Also, if you are going to use a tv, check to see what system they use to keep drivers from watching as they drive. In many states its illegal to have a watchable when driving tv. Mine has a wire thats supposed to be ran to the ebrake so it can only be used when parked..... I just ran mine to a ground and the tv works all the time. If you need to have the tv disableable (sp?), you can run a simple toggle switch. Or you can do it the way the company suggests, which is a safer way.



Now you can reinstall the radio/unit. Plug in the wire harness, the antenna, cig lighter. Also, if you are going to be running an amp, now is a good time to plug in your Rca's and your remote wire.

The rest of the install is the reverse of before. Screw in the radio, pop in the upper hvac trim, and than the shfter trim.

This is what it should look like when finished- I need to find the trim rings for the radio ti fill that gap

Now grab a cd, turn on the car and cross your fingers.


I will be replacing the deck next week, and can take pictures of the wiring if anyone would like