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» Rules and Guidelines
Introduction to Zilvia.net Rules and Guidelines

If you don't care to read these rules then don't expect to last very long. We'd love for you to be a member of our community. If that's for you, read on, we didn't write these rules to simply fill space. The success of any communities rides off the input from its members, we value you, and hope you value Zilvia.net and the rules contained.

"The Universal Rule"

Administrators/moderators reserve the right to close, delete, move, merge, separate, or edit any and all content contained within this site. Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to ban, restrict membership, or otherwise limit access to any member of this site for any reason.


Read the rules and guidelines within this text. Should you misbehave you will receive an infraction to varying degrees. That simply means you might receive a warning, or perma banned based on the infraction ratings below. Most infractions expire with time, however some warrant IP bans.

This system gives one a chance to learn from your mistakes. The infraction system acts like the Darwin Awards of Zilvia.net. Those who refuse to correct mistakes will be weeded out should they refuse to respect the rules described within.

New Member Considerations

In order to combat spammers/scammers/trolls we do not allow new members to post in our Marketplace forums until an undisclosed status is reached. If you cannot post in the Marketplace it simply means you have not reached our level 2 membership. To achieve this, simply join the community for awhile, post and contribute quality material. It doesn't help to sell an item with zero posts. As you become more involved with the community your rights to forum features will be unlocked, such as signatures, avatars, marketplace access, etc.

This does not give you rights to post your for sale items in other forums, such behavior is a clear disregard of the rules and will result in deleted threads, and a pinking.

Membership Levels

Level 1: New Members

Cant Start Threads in: For Sale/Cars For Sale/Wheels For Sale/ or all Review Forums
No Signatures


Level 2 Advance: 30 days

Can Start Threads in For Sale and Review Forums
Signatures without BBCode/Images and 1 Line Text

Level 3 Advance: 90 Days

Fully Registered Member

Multiple Accounts

Members are allowed ONE account, creation of multiple accounts will result in permanent IP ban from Zilvia.net. You may not share your account with anyone, and we discourage sharing IP addresses, as they may lead us to believe you are using multiple accounts.

If you've been banned for a short period of time, it would be unwise to create a second account. Doing so will result in a permanent IP ban.

Premium Members

Premie membership does not give you special treatment, all rules contained with in these texts apply to ALL members. Any such abuse will result in the same results as contained in this text. In fact, we hold our Premium Members to a higher standard.


This is not a private msg forum, so if you need to contact a single person please use the Private Message feature or Email. Keep your personal matters contained in such communication.


Zilvia is not a grievance forum. If you have a problem with a seller or buyer, settle it with them. If you are unable to contact them and seek further assistance, contact your (and their) local law enforcement. Be warned, do not give money to members in such a manner where you have no recourse, prior to sale get their name, phone number, address and send money in secure ways. Utilize the Reviews Section to leave both positive and negative feedback about buyers and sellers.

Quality Control

In an effort to reduce post-whoring and other nonsense posting, we have applied a few more new rules.

No IBTL-Type Posts

These include: In Before The Lock, In Before The Ban, In Before The Pink, In Before The Brown, and other funny or not-so funny variations.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel a mod will intervene, instead of posting nonsense please report the thread. The icon is found under the username and looks like this: . It also adds 1 post to your count when creating the reported post in the infraction forum that only moderators can see, this also shows us you care about the forum and some mods have been selected due to their diligence.

No In Your Posts

If your message is too short to meet the message length guidelines, then it is probably not very useful. Do not beat the system by adding nonsense like "msglenghbullishblablabla". Make your posts worthwhile and contribute to the forum. Agreeing by saying "Yes. msglength" does not add any value to the forum.

Worthless Posts

This should be self-explanatory. However, we will loosely explain what is not welcome.
Hijacking a thread to carry on a conversation with your buddy, is not welcome.
Steering a thread off it's intended topic, is not welcome.

Violating any of the Rules and Guidelines in your posts, is obviously not welcome.


Depending on the person, the quantity of infractions and many other variables, infractions could range from:

* Post(s) Deleted/Warning/Pinking/Browning/Banning, at Moderator/Administrator's discretion.


Every member has the ability to report abuse through the infraction system. To do this simply click this icon below the users posts, it adds 1 post to your count when creating the reported post in the infraction forum that only administrators/moderators can see, this also shows us you care about the forum, some mods have been selected due to their diligence.

Registered Members:
400px X 200px
600px X 125px

Premium Members: *Registered member sizes included.
750px X 125px

Once size limit height/width has been exceeded, it will result in the removal of your signature.

The total image size limit remains at 150,000 bytes (150kb).

All content rules and guidelines apply to avatars as well.

Appropriate Content

Remember what your mother told you! "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say nothing at all!"

This is a CAR forum. Moreover, this is a private forum which is publicly open to minors. Any material above PG-13 which is either displayed via IMG tags, linked to, uploaded, or otherwise presented will result in ONE warning, followed by a BAN if the offense is repeated.

Disparaging/Derogatory Remarks

To disparage ones sex, race, beliefs, lifestyles, etc will result in ONE warning, further offenses will get you banned. ANYTHING that can be construed as a disparaging comment regarding sex, race, beliefs, lifestyles, or other included; in a direct quote or not, from TV or not. Your warning will be a 1 month Pinking for Disparaging or Derogatory Remarks.

Threats and Harassment

Any harassing or threatening behavior directed to any or all members of this community will result in immediate termination of ones membership and if necessary notification to the authorities. The internet is a very public place, and not a privy to law enforcement. We can, and have obliged authorities requests for information contained in these forums.

Sensitive Material

Information deemed sensitive, and not the property of its original owner, or otherwise agreed upon by the original owner, such as phone numbers, social security numbers, VIN numbers, etc. will be deleted and the offending poster will be warned or banned.

Copyright Material

Copyright material is not allowed on these forums unless duly authorized by its originator.

Pyramid Schemes

Users are not permitted to make money by utilizing Zilvia's resources, with acceptation to proper use of our Marketplace. This WILL result in administrative action without warning.

Illegal Activities

Zilvia does not condone illegal activities, and posting about performing such activities is not permitted. Anything that is illegal falls under this, from murder to jaywalking. While it is true that some US states may permit the consumption of federally-banned substances for medicinal purposes only, Zilvia is an international forum, and holds itself to the highest standard possible. Note that discussion of topics is not permitted - you can argue marijuana legalization all day long - just know that there will be repercussions to admitting culpability in regards to something illegal.

Reviving Old Threads

Unless you have a legitimate contribution to a thread which is older than 6 months old then do not post in these older threads. If you have a question it would be wiser to start a new thread and reference the old one if necessary.

How To Search

New to Zilvia? Read these search tips.

Chat Rules and Guidelines

This is the Chat Forum. Any Technical discussion on the S and Z Chassis should be posted in the Tech Talk Forum. Anything that’s not related to the Forum you're posting in belongs in the Off-Topic Forum. Keep topics related to the S or Z chassis at all times.

Try the Search Feature, many common questions and topics have been brought up many times before and chances are you will find excellent information on your desired questions. Also try looking in the FAQs & Archive Section for answers. You can also look on the Zilvia.net Technical Page.

Starting a new thread is your LAST option. You should ensure that you have exhausted all other avenues before making a new thread. Our members and staff are not shy about informing you when you have screwed up. Don't let it discourage you, just try harder.

Picture Threads

Picture threads are dedicated to Pictures only. Rules are simple.

*Do not post without a picture
*Do not quote previous pictures

Posts without pictures will be removed.

Build Threads

Almost everyone enjoys building their cars and sharing that experience, as well as checking out others' builds for inspiration. Sadly, far too many users have a tendency to do half-hearted builds and either rarely update or update with trivial progress. In the interest of keeping the Chat forum clear of three hundred 'Install SR, ziptie aero, rattlecan paint' threads, incomplete, or in-progress build threads are not allowed. If you have completed your build, wrangle all those pictures into a post and tell us about it, but make sure the build is finalized. If you insist on having an in-progress build, Premium members have a specialized subforum for that specific purpose.

Tech Talk Rules and Guidelines

This is the S and Z Chassis Technical Forum. Any non-Technical discussion concerning the S and Z Chassis should be posted in the Chat Forum.

Ensure you take the time to SEARCH for someone asking a similar question to yours, before starting a new thread. Chances are, someone has already experienced the exact same problem you are facing, and the answers are already waiting for you to read.

Off Topic Rules and Guidelines

This is the Off Topic Forum. Any Technical discussion on the S and Z Chassis should be posted in the Technical Forum. Anything that’s not related to the Forum your posting in belongs in here. Keep in mind that although this is the Off-Topic section, the main forum rules still apply.

Post Pictures With Your For Sale Items

Take pictures of the items you're selling, in today's world six year olds have camera phones, you should be able to get pictures of your items. If you cannot do this, then how did you make it this far? Post pictures of your items, or don't post them at all.

NO 'Email for pics.'
You can attach/upload the pictures to your post on Zilvia.net, or put them online and link to them in the thread.

Otherwise use such services as tinypic.com imageshack.com flikr.com picasa.com photoshop.com

Trader Ratings

Be mindful of new members or otherwise untrusted sellers, search members prior to making transactions. The iTrader system works just like the eBay feedback system, read up on your fellow members before selling/purchasing/trading items.

For Sale Template

Title: Include your States prefix. CA: This is my item.

Content of Post:



Marketplace Thread Clutter

If you are not interested in buying the item stay out of the classifieds, if you're only there to complain, stay out of the thread. If the seller is asking too much, nobody will buy from them and they will be forced to lower their price. That is economics 101. If you want to lowball them, send them a PM (Personal Message) instead of replying. If you have something informative and positive then that will be fine.

Thread Bumping

You may only bump your thread TWICE. That is not 2 times a day, or two times a week. TWICE only.

A bump is constituted as any unnecessary post you make in your sale thread. This can include:
“To the top”
“All Pms Responded to”
“Price Drop”
Etc, etc, etc

You should utilize the PM system to answer potential buyer's questions, and you can edit your initial post to reflect any detail updates, or price changes.
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