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1991 Nissan 180sx

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1991 Nissan 180sx
Crashed in October 2007 at Fuji Speedway, repaired with Silvia face.
Never let me down.

Bought with blown redtop and spare longblock,
replaced engine. Had stripped interior, no radio and questionable A/C. Now has a fully functional backseat, a working radio and (formerly) working A/C!!

S14 turbine (blown now?)
Unknown brand tubular manifold
Megan turbo outlet (Greddy outlet needs some new bolts for divider)
Megan flexy DP
Megan test pipe
Dart Izumi WR catback
Nismo clutch & flywheel
Z32 MAF/Apex'i filter
550cc injectors
Garage Saurus ECU http://www.saurus2000.co.jp/
Trust? FMIC (NOW with a hole in it!)
Blitz Super Sound BOV
Aluminum 3core radiator
Nismo radiator cap
GREX oil cooler
GREX oil filter relocation kit
HPI engine torque damper
Nismo GT shift knob
Nardi Classic 330mm wood steering wheel
HKB? hub
Works Bell Rapfix quick release
S14 driver's seat
R33 Navan passenger seat
Defi BF Boost, Water temp, Oil temp, and Oil press gauges
Blitz SBC-iD boost controller
Safety-21 rollbar
Kei Office XR Coilovers 8k/6k
One Tein and one noname TC rod
Mine's front STB
Cusco OS rear STB
URAS drift pineapples
mystery 2-way LSD
Nismo clutch pedal bracket
5 bolt conversion (ATTAIN front / S14 rear)
Digital automatic climate control

recently replaced by stock S13 Silvia face
GP Sports front bumper (in shambles)
Vertex 20mm overfenders (one side broken)
M-Sports FRP vented hood
GP Sports/Missile sideskirts
TBO rear lip (needs paint)

kouki 180sx taillamps

Circlar GTA III
17x8 +32 17x9 +38

Zepter Dish
16x7.5 +12 16x8 +18

D'iffusion dish
17x8 -1
17x9 +13

Bee☆Racing B5 sport wheels
18x9.5 +20 (5mm spacer) / +25
225/40 235/40

SSR Vienna Courage
18x9.5 +5 / 18x11 - 1
225/40 245/40

SSR Vienna Dish
18x9 -7 / 18x10 -1

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 556 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 557 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 558 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 559 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 560 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 561 17x8  32  17x9  38 AME Circlar III 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 563 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 673 16x7.5  8 /  12 Zepter dish 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 675 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 818 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 819 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 820 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 822 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 823 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 824 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 928 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 1059 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 1060 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 1104 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 1105 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 1425 1991 Nissan 180sx - Photo 1426 :barf: Latest shot of engine the saddest kid in class Rockin' the HID! New wheels. SSR 18x9 -7 x10 -1 Lookit that ass! RIP, 180 - you never let me down. *pours out a 40oz*
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Member: mrmephistopheles
Created: 12-05-2005 05:59 AM
Last Modified: 08-01-2008 01:04 AM
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Author Comment Date
mrmephistopheles I kinda miss it. Luckily it lives on by way of me taking most of it with me upon leaving Japan. 03-05-2009
ReDs13SiLvIa LOVING IT 03-05-2009
YoungGun wtf happened?

jdm thiefs?
MikeisNissan nice car! 04-24-2008
MrFuel I'm in love with your exhaust! 12-28-2007
S13SilviaGirl hahah Touche Barry! 12-09-2007
ThatGuy They'll look better on Lisa's Coupe. 09-23-2007
mrmephistopheles I like my SSRs better. 09-22-2007
ThatGuy B5's are awesome! 05-13-2007
S13SilviaGirl You bastard! You broxored it! 03-07-2007
flash17 i like the usdm front on the hatch, looks cooler wit the lazy eyes 03-07-2007
mrmephistopheles late reply, but I picked it up at Up Garage for ~$140 02-19-2007
carmon240 where did you get your steering wheel hub and quick release??? and how much 01-03-2007
mrmephistopheles S'ok. The front will be fixed soon enough. I've hired a (butt) crack (gay) team of (buttsex) specialists to redo it (in the butt). 11-07-2006
ThatGuy Crash pics make me cringe. 10-23-2006
kickeachverse Man those wheels in the bottom picture are the sex! 06-01-2006
n1sm0r i want that exhaust :-( 03-30-2006
gorgasm lookin good mrmeph. id love to have a real 180. 02-01-2006
HaLo I wish I were able to find cars at lowball prices like you do... Oh wait, I'm in the wrong country.. 12-29-2005
ThatGuy You know I'm jealous. Although Lisa and I both know the Coupe > The 180sx. 12-27-2005
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