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Ka-T swap sputtering & isles too high

I recently swapped a Ka24det into my hatch thatís been sitting for about 5 months that used to have an sr. Iím having this issue where the car misfires on cylinder 1 at idle, and idles at 2k. Changed out the plugs to ngk iridiums. Gapped @ .28 replaced the distributor and wires. When you go to drive it, it sputters really bad and breaks up anywhere from 1800 to 3000 rpm. Itís so weird because the sputtering fluctuates so much. We have disconnected the maf (z32) to see if it would die which it did. also have a back up maf that was tried. Got codes from the ecu which was o2 sensor & knock sensor. It has an s14 Bosch 3 wire o2 sensor brand new. And the knock sensor was badly cracked, so I stole one from my old ka that was slightly cracked but better. Even new fuel filter.

The set up has a isis bottom mount, gt3076, 550cc injectors, wiring specialties harness, z32 maf, Tomei fpr set @ 45 psi, 255 fuel pump, and has everything emission related deleted. Egr block off plate, literally no vacuum lines. Only vacuum lines are to the fpr, boost gauge, Wastegate and bov. Has coolant ports deleted on manifold & only has the main coolant hose on the intake. All hoses for pcv system have been replaced but Iím getting a catch can soon so Iíll block those off. It even has the swirl valve deleted with all the butterfly valves inside of the manifold and a block off plate on the back. Has an Rs Enthalpy ecu that came with the swap for this setup & confirmed with Martin @ Rs that it was tuned by them. Iím going haltech but I really want to figure this issue out before the standalone comes into play.

I made it detail so I can get the best feedback lmk if you know any solutions !!
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