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Originally Posted by SilentSamurai8 View Post

This car is now sold, as I purchased it on 3/25/18. For anyone that was genuinely interested in the vehicle, feel fortunate that youdid not purchase it and I took the hit for you.

As to not go into too much detail or get long-winded about it, I will simply make a few quick statements. From the beginning of our communication the seller was misleading, deceiving and towards the end, down right lied about many things.

The damage to the front end was not even mentioned until we had already negotiated our highest offer. I noticed after the fact that the seller edited the original post to make it seem as if it was always there . Fair enough.

After some deliberation and communication we decided to agree on a price and purchased tickets to fly from the bay area down to LA for the car. It wasn't till we had agreed to purchase, following a test drive and more deliberation, because things were again not as described, that the seller thenindicated that he didn't have a pink slip/title. Although he assured us that he has sold cars like this many times before, the paperwork was filled out incorrectly, with the seller putting himself as a lienholder. This, as well as a number of mistakes, made it extremely difficult to try to register the car in our name after the fact, let alone get a new title.

With that, I've also noticed what seems to be a leak from where the head meets the block near the turbo manifold at the back of the engine. I've still yet to get time to get it up in the air at the shop but I'm assuming it may need a head gasket at a minimum.

The current set up for the power steering reservoir is inadequate and ended up leaking on us within 30 to 45 minutes on our way home. Again, I don't wanna go into so much detail right now, but I spoke about this with the prior owner before setting out. He acted as if any leaks on the car were new to him, and that the car had never given signs of these issues before. He generally acted surprised about everything…

Point is... The car does not look nearly as good aesthetically in person and the pictures here are most certainly edited. Fair enough. If you fill up the power steering, it will begin to leak within the first few minutes of driving. Within 30 minutes it will be nearly completely empty. There seems to be an oil leak at the back of the engine and the car is getting knock readings on the power fc that leads to fuel cut. I could go on.

Hey, im sorry if you felt mislead into the sale but I disclosed everything as much into detail with you in person. Listing the car, I had not expect anyone to come from far to buy the car so I did not detail every little thing into the thread as I expect them to come inspect the car. Ive literally talked to 30 potential buyers about the car so I apologize if I had mistakenly mixed you with someone else I had talked to.

Title transfer without a pink slip is a common thing, and we exchanged information including my ID xeroxed for you in the bill of sale. Anyone saying otherwise has not bought enough used cars to know.

The car is priced accordingly to the condition of the car. I dont feel any way bad for what I sold you as it was honestly it was my loss and your gain. If the car had everything addressed I would have listed it for $15k, but I did not have the time, patience, or urge to spend more into the car. If 27 year old 240s isnt your thing then theres a list of buyers that would still be interested in the car or you can part it for a profit.

You have my number, Ill be here if you need anything.
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