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1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED**

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1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED**
- GT2871R .64 a/r
- TF 550cc Injectors
- RS Enthalpy Rom Tune
- Cometic Headgasket
- ARP Headstuds
- Rocker Arm Stoppers
- Kazama Motor Mounts
- Tubular manifold
- Z32 MAF
- Devo Tuning Intercooler Piping (2.5")
- Koyo Radiator
- FAL Dual Fans
- Samco Hoses
- Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust
- TF Flex Downpipe
- 3 inch test pipe
- eBay Turbo Elbow
- Walbro Fuel Pump
- Mocal Oil Cooler

**Electronics and Gauges**
- Blitz Boost Gauge
- Pivot Digital Water Temp Gauge
- HKS Turbo Timer
- Blitz D-SBC Spec-S Boost Controller
- Digital Coupe Gauge Cluster

- Grip Gambler Purple w/ flake
- Origin Stream Body Kit (FB-SS-RB)
- Origin 20mm Front Overfenders
- Origin 30mm Rear Overfenders
- Origin Type II FRP Hood
- Kouki Tail Lights
- Altezza center piece
- eBay Mirrors
- Stripped interior
- H4 Conversion
- 10000K HID

- STANCE GR+ Pro Coilovers 9/7 Spring Rates
- Tein Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends w/ spacers
- TF T/C Rods
- Cusco T/C rod bar
- Battle Version Toe Arms
- F+R C-Tune Strut Bars
- JDM/Hicas rear sway bar
- TF Trunk Bar

- Tomei Tech Traxx Advance 2-Way Differential
- Peak Performance Transmission Mount
- TF Direct Steering Bushing
- Exedy Stage 2 Clutch
- Peak Performance Street 5 Lug hubs
- S14 Rear 5 Lug Hubs
- Project Mu D1 Spec Pads (rear)

**5-lug wheels**
- 2 17x9.5 +12 Gram Light 57S Gold (235/40/17)
- 2 18x9.5 +12 Gram Light 57S Gold (235/40/18)
- 2 18x10 +18 Work Equip (235/40/18)
- 2 17x10.5 +27 Bullit Wheels (245/40/17)

**Interior and Misc.**
- Auto Power 6 point Roll Cage w/ door bars
- Buddy Club Bucket seat
- Personal Steering wheel, w/ quick release hub
- Origin Yellow Checkered Floor Mats
- Bride Seat rails
- G-Force Nomex Gloves
- G-Force 5-point camlock harness
- S14 Passenger seat
- Broadway Mirror

- Cams
- Intake Manifold
- Valve Springs
- Clutch and flywheel

- Origin - The Design Laboratory
- TougeFactory - Predecessor of Performance Parts for Drift Style
- version:SELECT - Innovative Aeroparts Technology
- Turbo240/AMS

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1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 122 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 139 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 187 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 469 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 470 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 471 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 472 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 473 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 539 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 540 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 541 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 606 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 669 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 670 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 733 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 744 1989 Grip Gambler 180SX **RETIRED** - Photo 745
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Member: KiDyNomiTe
Created: 06-01-2005 11:51 AM
Last Modified: 06-29-2007 08:31 PM
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Author Comment Date
orange7 sick whip 06-15-2012
Whiteevil240sx nice nice 09-04-2011
PHX-S14 nice s13 05-11-2011
jdm_cameron Nice build dude..... props to the fullest 04-30-2010
JaindlS13 Hey man did you ever get it dyno'd? I have recently bought a 71R .64 as well and would like to see what you were putting down. Very nice 180. 03-14-2010
i<3mys13 sexy ass kouki lights 01-15-2010
VP-HERCULES Love the drift pics! Made me all teary-eyed! 12-10-2009
Elusive clean car, sorry to hear about the junkyard... what happened to it? 03-14-2009
guitardave06 wow man. i must say...this car when it was purple...is the cleanes s13 i have ever seen in my life. 02-21-2009
5spd-SC300 Where did you take the pic with the chicago skyline behind? 11-18-2008
lolatclint mmmm purple 10-27-2008
Bushido super tight. RIP. 09-06-2008
MikeisNissan sick car 04-28-2008
a_ahmed I like your car, but my wife doesnt lmao. I kind of was like hmm can I paint the car purple and run gold rims, she said ew I like it though haha 04-26-2008
PhAtXSuMo must have been another car than =/
but still clean ride why is it in the junk yard? =(
KiDyNomiTe This car is in a junkyard somewhere... 02-29-2008
PhAtXSuMo Saw your car at Garage Boso grand opening was insanely nice! 02-29-2008
StopSnitchin nice 06-13-2007
S13SilviaGirl You're lucky you are still a premie,or this would dissapear.The thread not your car.Well the car might dissapear too.Better watch it pal 02-20-2007
ThatGuy Always liked your car Simba. Get a Coupe now! 02-05-2007
KiDyNomiTe those signals are gone 01-21-2007
koukidrifter21 hey man u still got those split turn signals for your bumper? how much you want 4 those? 01-17-2007
dc2_lsvtec looking good simba 12-09-2006
KodSil80 sweeeeet car man props 06-22-2006
McRussellPants Looking slick, sir. 05-29-2006
blu808 Sent me out a new can of gas for free !!! He didnt even ask for the old one back 05-26-2006
jonk you're my hero 05-18-2006
ReDs13SiLvIa GOOD PICS!!! 05-13-2006
lrgkevin Very Clean car. I'm thinking about getting the stances coilovers too, just wanted to get some feed back from you if you don't mind. [email protected] 04-09-2006
-offsetfan13 im debating leaving my wife for that car......because it is soooooooooo hot 04-06-2006
-offsetfan13 imdebating leaving my wife for that car......because it is soooooooooo hot 04-06-2006
Lost_DriFter lovin the color haha......hmm...u still got those mesh rims? if so how much? 02-21-2006
PABSdrft those rim sare sick where can i get a pair like those ive been looking for some fat rims that are four bolt 02-14-2006
gorgasm ive always loved your whip dude. sick. 01-31-2006
jae_rex wow...nice ride. Mine looks like it could be your white twin, and I live in Chi-Town too. 11-29-2005
kiss my bumper that pic with the city background is true hottness!! 11-28-2005
P4rD0nM3 Yo kid, what were the tire size that you were running in your Riken Mesh? 15x7's? [email protected] please. Thanks. Or PM me here. Cuz i'm buying your old rims from another guy who bought them from you. 11-24-2005
papa looking good 11-12-2005
sidewayz180 where do yuo get all of these nice rims at man, i want some..so hit me back up with some good places where i can buy some 09-06-2005
BlackSilEighty Very nice setup. You wouldn'thappen to live in Nashville would you? 08-27-2005
sLiDewAys talked to some of the guys from enjuku, said u werent using hand brake at dday. you savage squirelle you take care of the ride man and get that 1/4 pannel fixed 07-14-2005
Wai ah yes. that must be the EDM HUD mounting position too. 07-13-2005
quach hey, i love your car, looks like you really take care of it. youre a badass drifter too, ive seen your vids on drifting.com many props to you. 07-06-2005
P4rD0nM3 Hey man, can you email me at rodoabad[at]bresnan[dot]net because I wanna know what whells you have on that picture of yours. You have a great car. I like it. 06-30-2005
KiDyNomiTe It came out of a 90 Coupe in some junkyard. 02-17-2005
OneEightyDl2eamel2 What car did that cluster come out of? 02-15-2005
silvia_gets_me_sidewayz people are to afraid to get sidewayz 01-24-2005
silvia_gets_me_sidewayz @least yu use ur kar ..... 01-24-2005
silvia91 sweet car love the rims and lazy eyes 01-18-2005
edsxs13 Looking good =) 01-03-2005
texdrift Nice Set up 10-11-2004
574-240sx Very Nice Simba I didn't know you had that much suspension done 10-09-2004
Ricer240sx hahah, i never noticed the buddy club and harnesses lol but as always, it looks good! pig nose powa!!! lol 08-23-2004
nismod_rps13 damn thats a lot of wheels lol 07-31-2004
KiDyNomiTe Can't have xr4s that don't belong to you, showing up my pic 07-27-2004
Grip Gambler why did you cut out my car in that pic simba, not bling enought to be in the shot i see 07-26-2004
KiDyNomiTe yes it does, but I wouldnt call them horrible. It has quited down a lot since the two events though. 07-17-2004
outlandishhyperhotdog does your dif make really horriable noises. I have the same one and it pops, cracks just want to know if all of them do it 07-11-2004
n2motorsports like how most of your mods are performance oriented. send me your setup too^^ i got the same coilovers as well 07-06-2004
mendozasport have the same coil-overs please email me with ur dampening set up. [email protected] 07-06-2004
nocomedown thats awesome...looks like one of those zip-zap mini-rc cars 06-11-2004
dvdevo hahahah nice pic 06-10-2004
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