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1995 Nissan Silvia

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1995 Nissan Silvia
Well it has come a long way in 4 years.......I bought it completly stock from Tomo's Garage in Okinawa. I am the second owner a gurl named Ryoko owned it before me. So to this day I have done everything my self.

Ripped the engine out rebuilt it from the ground up with all NISMO engine parts.

I am currently doing a re-inspection so had to put the old S-15 turbine on for the next few days with the RS-R takoashii (manifold) so here is my list.

S-14 SR20DET rebuilt with forged pistons, and con rods, balanced crank
272 HKS cams
HKS adjustable cam gears (VTC removal)
1.5mm HKS head gasket
Stock plennum with MAPS tapped in (have greddy just lazy)
TD-06 25G 10cm with Greddy Type R wastegate
1000cc injectors with Areomotive fuel system 2 pumps/2 filters 10mm feed and 8mm return
Power FC D-jetro (MAPS) W/ commander
OS giken 1-2-3 Cross mission with OS giken twin plate clutch
NISMO 2 way locking diff
Fully adjustable shocks with fully adjustable suspension

That is all that I can remember for now but she is a dirty whore I run her at 1.0bar on my day to day driving but when I drag her 1.85 She gets the job done.

I have her up for sale now I want to get an S-15 that I saw the other day that I absolutely fell in love with.

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1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 178 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 179 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 180 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 181 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 182 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 183 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 184 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 185 1995 Nissan Silvia - Photo 186
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Member: silviasichigo
Created: 09-23-2004 12:07 AM
Last Modified: 09-23-2004 12:07 AM
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Author Comment Date
s14savyChawlay nice whip bro 10-06-2009
dohctwinn1 nice! i miss my Zenki, but i got over it with a Kouki 04-30-2008
zuluwind Nice looking wheels. What's the brand of the wheels? Front and rear sizes? Offset? Front and rear tire sizes? These are the wheels that I want for my S14 so thanks for the help. 11-16-2007
Koopa Troopa I miss this car Was one of the cleanest S14's on island.. Best of luck to you dude. 06-17-2007
Mathetai Love the headlight scoop! 05-18-2007
S14DriftstaiN oh so sweet... 04-18-2006
droptops14 beautiful 01-31-2006
mangoes nice ride man.I have a question, what is the name of the rims you have? they are awesome! 11-28-2005
Zilvia from a fellow chicagoin'....? to another, I have to say... you got one nice 240 on your hands 06-19-2005
karmin i have a s14 my self i wish i knew u when iw as looking for a s14 but im willing to buy out your turbo and your exhost and inercooler and etc....wating to make mine a "dirty whore" one day too..haha..let me know my e mail ad is [email protected] thanks again.. 05-30-2005
silviasichigo Haha I am not living in Base housing they don't have such nice greenery. UPDATE!! I just bought a GT3040 Kit will drop it in as soon as I get the manifold I will ahve pics up Soon 04-25-2005
Fastback180 i don't think base housing would approve of you driving up onto the grass 03-07-2005
Fastback180 Gangster Y plates, great ride. 03-07-2005
Nielson Nice intercooler man! How much is 1 BAR in psi? Sorry, just ignorant. 01-24-2005
silviasichigo Yeah it is, I took it on my back porch just before I moved off base. It is sitting on top of my S-15 engine. 01-02-2005
Tenchuu That turbo pic looks familier... 01-01-2005
silviasichigo Well the bumper light are KTS and the head lights are just really really clean Stock head light the side markers are also KTS. After the turbo is installed and I get it painted Gunmetal Gray I will post it for $13,500 well worth the cash I have a lot into it and it has never been wrecked. I will have more pics up after I get the new turbo in (TO-4Z) and the paint. 12-29-2004
tattoomerlin 1=! and wrer = were i have a dog in my lap (pitbull) 12-28-2004
tattoomerlin dude i have 95 and i've been looking for the headlights and bumper lights that you have on your ride 1 can you please tell me wrer to find them . thanks for any help givin tattoo merlin 12-28-2004
jfin gorgeous... 12-14-2004
mrbally nice ride how much you asking ? 11-21-2004
silviasichigo duvaughn-will learn engrish and more about compatable turbo setups and how much is HKS paying you to use there products? hmmmm thought so. 11-09-2004
duvaughn-will send more money and get a real turbo kit, hks prouducts please 10-05-2004
sticky240 very sexy man 09-28-2004
Shisho Very clean. I have a pearl white 95' Zenki. Hope yours fines a good Drift home to play in. 09-23-2004
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