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1989 Nissan 240SX SE

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1989 Nissan 240SX SE
Basically, I blew my KA. So I went through hell trying to gather money to finish my SR swap. Got the engine from a nice guy in San Diego, CA. Swapped it in, finished the wiring and any leaks at the Canyon High School auto shop in Anaheim, CA back in early 2008. A year and a half later (and much drifting and beating on) I spun a bearing in the SR, so I decided on swapping out the SR for a single cam.

Be careful who you trust. I did the work at my "buddies" house, tensions rose, he stole some parts, then my entire car was stripped apart. I had to end up junking the S13. Saddest day of my life seeing that thing go....

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The Start....a blown KA24E Time to get to worK! Lifting me instead of the engine -_- Cleaned that shit out, simple green! Finally chillin' in with the SR Workin' late.... Time to tow the car back to school to do the finishing touches and I brought 2 friends along (The best high school auto shop you will ever see) All done! SR going out :( 1989 Nissan 240SX SE - Photo 3292 When I mean everything got jacked, I mean litterally everything I think they left the alignment pretty good, what do you think Psh, you think your low? The engine that was going to power this beautiful clean hatch Restin' on a cinder block Goodbye...:(
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TheXFlames sorry to hear that man! hope everything is well now. 01-12-2011
jdm_cameron Good luck with the build 04-30-2010
Sir Smokes A Lot damn son that sucks 01-15-2010
VP-HERCULES You have worse luck with cars then I do! Gosh! Im sorry bromontana! 12-10-2009
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