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1995 240sx Sar

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1995 240sx Sar
Engine Specifications:
s13 type-x blacktop sr

Engine Misc.:
greddy Ras
koyo radiator
oem shroud/fan
blitz radiator cap
nismo thermostat
samco hoses...
oddysey battery
greddy expansion tank

Super custom earls/aeroquip oil cooler with thermostat
power steering cooler powered by Uhaul tranny cooler
Turbocharger & Induction:
hybrid FMIC
custom intake piping
custom hotpipe +hks ssq
apexi air intake
  • N/A
Fuel & Tuning:
walbro fuel pump
blitz b. controller
  • N/A
megan downpipe
rsr gt-2 exhaust
exedy stage 1
exedy stage 2 coming up. spl clutch line
2 way tomei traxx lsd
  • N/A
Weight reduction & transfer:
partially gutted
  • N/A
Suspension, wheels & tires:
oh shit... lets see.

kts coilovers
rear st swaybar
energy sway bushings
rear subframe spacers
Nams Ruca
kazama t/c rods
tein tie rods
d-spec strut bars front and rear - good quality btw.

spl brake lines
axxis pads all around

fnrc is hyperblack
17X9 +15 f 235 40
17X10 +12 r 255 40

ssr d5r hyperblack
18X9 +24 f and r 225 40 or 235 40 - track wheels

mb weapons 17X9 +17 hyperblack (pair) - track wheels

adapter spacers... a set of +25 and +15

like 3 sets of 5 lug se wheels and 1 z32 set. lol

  • N/A
wbell hub
nrg 2.5 qrelease
VERTEX 10year anv. steering wheel
nismo knob
SPL bucket seat
bride rails
5 point simpson harness (not in just yet)
DEFI BF boost oil pressure water temp
turbo timer - havent put in yet.

  • N/A
vertex copy by version select I (thanks Arnold!)
  • N/A

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1995 240sx Sar - Photo 996 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 997 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 998 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 999 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1000 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1001 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1002 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1003 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1004 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1005 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1120 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1121 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1163 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1168 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1169 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1174 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1175 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1361 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1362 1995 240sx Sar - Photo 1407
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Member: 420sx
Created: 04-05-2007 06:30 PM
Last Modified: 09-04-2007 05:24 PM
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Comments: 9

Author Comment Date
MikeisNissan nice ass car 04-28-2008
DirtyS14 Nice pics. 01-22-2008
JDMwannaBE very nice S14! everything it should be! 07-25-2007
scottie Are these pics from a drift event in Texas? I'm going to try to make it to a Mineral Wells event but the surface is kinda rough from what I've heard. Looks like the surface is smooth in the pics. Anyways, i love your S14. Clean and simple. The way its suppose to be done. Tasteful body kit too. Thumbs up!
chris300zr nice s14, see you alot a GGP events. Keep it up mang! 06-24-2007
mello88 nice whip & great pix. 06-14-2007
420sx not really, just learn how to drive with a kit period. i can go lower. i rarely scrape but it takes some practise not to 05-27-2007
FUNS14 i agree with driftmayniak 1000%, but are there clearance issues for daily driving? I am in NY :-\ 05-27-2007
driftmayniak thats a clean S14 you got i'm was thinking of getting that same b-kit its looks good so i think i will get it after all 04-06-2007
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