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1991 Nissan 240sx fastback

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1991 Nissan 240sx fastback
Suck on a Stick

Out of mothballs, smog is passed, it's registered and insured and 10000% road-legal!

1. decent set of nice fitting wheels [sourced]
2. some cheap coilovers [need]
3. S15 3.69 final drive and LSD [sourced]
4. finish Z32 brake swap (rears and M/C) [rears and M/C sourced,, change fronts to BNR32/ECR33 and utilize Supra rotors. [Z32 rear and BNR32 fronts installed.]
5. move battery back to engine bay
6. Put some rear aero on (sourced OEM junk!)
7. build some underbody trays (again, little priority)
8. clean up the interior (with the help of kouki 180sx rear seats)
9. fix audio system to reliable condition (no more loose amps, etc). [done]

After that, I'll be pretty much done, at least until we're settled.
Maybe then I'll do some major engine maintenance and general unfucking of the engine bay.

Other ancillary parts to be installed, without regard to priority:

S13 power folding mirrors (with defroster!)
Kevin SPL taillamps
Kazama roof spoiler
GP Sports trunk spoiler
kouki 180sx gauge cluster
350mm Nardi Deep Corn (installed now)
quarter window shade panels (installed)
rad-ass sunshade thing (see pics) (installed)
kouki 180sx rear seat (installed)
S15 front seats (installed)
180sx headliner/A/B/C pillars (installed)

Stich Dish 17x8 +8 / 17x9 +12
SSR Vienna Dish 18x9 -7 / 18x10 -1

Some other sexy shit.

Click Thumbnail to Enlarge.
1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 78 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 496 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 497 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 825 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 984 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 987 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 989 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 1423 1991 Nissan 240sx fastback - Photo 1424 At 'The Happening', 29 Sep, 2008.
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Member: mrmephistopheles
Created: 07-16-2004 07:35 PM
Last Modified: 04-28-2010 11:04 PM
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Comments: 22

Author Comment Date
S13SilviaGirl I miss all of this 05-10-2022
jdm_cameron Sweet Hatch dude... The clusters work well? 04-30-2010
ReDs13SiLvIa good taste...take care of that car =d 02-16-2009
mrmephistopheles Sorry? Well, I'll be working on getting it up and running soon. 04-08-2008
carbonx240 i am so happy and so sad.i am happy cause i am glad you have those uniques quarter window panels, but i am sad that i don't.... 04-07-2008
mrmephistopheles ...from Japan. ^_^ 04-07-2008
scoobyjoe where did you get the quarter window shade panels those are so fuckin nice i want them 03-26-2008
JDM671 dude what wing is that??? sexy pm me 01-15-2008
S13SilviaGirl Can't Wait to make it look sexxxxxyyyy again! 04-07-2007
ThatGuy Hurry up and get back to the states. Finish building this car, and bring it, and My Coupe's Twin over here. 01-25-2007
S13SilviaGirl I miss UR car bebe! 04-09-2006
2iv0 sx Clean car! Looks nice with the silvia skirts.. its so hard to find one in US! cant wait til i get my hands on em 12-28-2005
mrmephistopheles alienz, that's my wife's car. I've deleted it from my gallery but you can find mroe pics in hers: 'S13SilviaGirl' 12-27-2005
alienz Hey isnt that the girls car from Drifting Pretty? http://www.silviagirl.com/ 12-09-2005
BlackS13Silvia Nice rims 09-27-2005
mrmephistopheles rota slipstreams? why do that when I can have Desmond Regamasters? Tacky? i dunno cheap-looking? I should hope so.. I AM a cheapass after all. 04-29-2005
flamineamon im not likin the top red s13, c'mon, put a set of gunmetal rota slipstreams,paint the whole car red and a hks hyper exhaust and lower it till it is sittin on the tiles. Its very tacky and cheap lookin 04-05-2005
Jhay Sexy silvia...yummm 07-16-2004
S13SilviaGirl those cars are clean...and HOTTT!!!!!!!!!! especially that middle one! ;p 07-16-2004
knightrider dont worry kebin, you will get a fun car in the land of jdm soon enough 06-22-2004
Bbandit Damd your car is so clean. makes a good background for my computer 06-21-2004
augimatic I like the wheels and the ride height, nice job. 06-21-2004
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