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get it here


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Member: jdzumwalt
Created: 12-20-2004 01:32 AM
Last Modified: 12-20-2004 01:32 AM
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Comments: 35

Author Comment Date
koukidriver Love the KA-T !!!! 05-16-2010
jdm_cameron Freakn Hot man. Really loving the kit man 05-06-2010
renato didnt like the body kit and the rims 02-12-2010
ReDs13SiLvIa good taste 03-05-2009
BC240 hawt 01-29-2007
S14DriftstaiN hell yeh!!!im also runnin a greddy kat. 03-27-2006
luv2spedup sweet car 03-03-2006
dreamer can i make love to your car? 01-10-2006
Zilvia I've always liked that body kit, nice and clean 12-19-2005
4ksfrs very cool looking s14, how many horses? 08-10-2005
zoomwerthzoom Did the aero kit fit well or did there have to be some minor alterations? 06-28-2005
KAZILLA i'd say keep the stock spoiler or non at all, you dont need some nasty gt-wing or "supra" style wing unless your doing 140mph +???? None the less Impressive Zenki =) 02-22-2005
Nielson ass15 what a fitting name - he said it was Vertex. How much does that kit cost? Yeah you need a bigger wing, none of this aluminum shit though. Hey is this street legal and how many miles? KA24DET or Jap spec 2 liter engine swap? E-mail me a price if you might sell. 01-24-2005
ass15 IS THAT VERTEX? 11-24-2004
p11driver i saw this s14 at mossy, damn sick. 11-24-2004
s14 blacktop now thats a clean s14b.... now im thinking not to put the 97 front end on! 11-23-2004
ghostuss yep idiot duvaughn. Nice vertex kit, you need golden rims with fat lip. This rims don't look good with the kit. Also a different wing. Either the GT type or the nismo one or K wing would look good. 11-22-2004
NZO duvaughn-will youre an idiot 10-16-2004
duvaughn-will get some skyline r33 headlights they should fit with out to much trouble 10-05-2004
SidewayzBob Props on the car. What kind of front bumper is that?? [email protected] 10-01-2004
prophet_19 lovely color. 09-22-2004
suhster85 hey good looking car...was just wondering what kind of body kit that was. Vertex? please email me [email protected] 09-20-2004
Mr. Spool Clean body kit, what kind is it? 09-16-2004
jdzumwalt car is running pretty good but it's detuned substantialy 09-16-2004
mr240sx ur rides pretty clean... how's the motor run with the kit? 09-12-2004
Phoen_x_s14 heh pretty clean for a drift car =P. Atleast its not to wild and with power, keep the clean look up. 09-09-2004
240hks I need to know info on sr20 suwap on a 95 240sx 09-07-2004
Sideways_In_SD I think it looks like shit!! There's no scratches, or primer spots or anything. Some drift car, hehehehe. 09-01-2004
jtwo13 Hey my friend wants to know where he can find projector lights for his 95 240, if you know where please e-mail at [email protected] thanks. 08-18-2004
jtwo13 Hey I like the ride!! 08-18-2004
jdzumwalt hey I needed it hosted I'll get up the new dyno graph after Vegas 08-04-2004
mrmephistopheles posting dynograph's of yoru last turbo setup? Bad form, Gregg! 08-03-2004
Grant haha... boostin again eh?? 07-05-2004
mendozasport oop's you probaly need the e-mail, [email protected] 07-02-2004
mendozasport great! have a couple of question on your set up please e-mail me with details. 07-02-2004
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