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Old 06-05-2002, 10:12 AM   #1
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*Please add to this list any national or online parts supplier who has given you good service. If you encountered a problem, BRIEFLY describe it (no more than one sentance). I think we would all benefit from having a list of people who take care of us so we can take care of them! <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''>

1. PDM-Racing [B+] - FSTB. Great price, good quality part. Okay customer service (little contact and slow shipping to East Coast from Canada b/c of 9/11 events). www.pdm-racing.com

2. CarboTech Brakes [A-] - Great product (Panther + track pads). Fair price ($135). Great customer service. Great shipping (1.5 weeks delivery, and they had to make the part&#33<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/wink.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''>. www.carbotecheng.com

3. TireRack [A] - RE71's on closeout ($77 ea.). Standard one week from order until they arrived at my door step. No surprises - what you might expect from the leading online tire retailer.

4. Colletti Motorsports [A] - Good product, great price, good service. Brembo blank brake rotors (front) for $76 (2 rotors and shipping). Price is almost 1/2 of Strano and first contact to rotors in my mailbox took about 5 business days (shipped from OH). No www yet, but (937) 312-1533 works fine.

5. phase2motortrend [A+] - product, great price, great customer service. East Bear pillow mount adj. tension rods ($220 + shipping). Wayne knocked money off the price to match another price and shipped via UPS (per my request) the day after I ordered. Two days time b/n first contact and shipping date (UPS confirmation/tracking # sent to me). Proof that a small company can put out service just like a big place! ?www.phase2motortrend.com. Wayne is on this board as tristarx.

That's all for now. Transient - if you make a formal list, let me know and I will add to it and erase this post.

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Northstar Motorsports (A+) - bought helmet from them, then the next day they had a deal if you bought a helmet from them they sent you a free helmet bag. i called and asked if i could get the bag, they sent me one for free. i also bought harnesses from them and received exactly what i asked for the exact day they said i would.

tirerack [C] - i asked if a particular section width would result in optimum performance, they said it would. when i found out it was too big, they refused to take back my tires, even though they hadn't been driven on. other than that no other problems.

autoimaging [D+] - sent me the wrong exhaust, then refused to send the correct one overnight or even 2nd day because i cost to much. meanwhile, i was driving with nothing past the cat, breaking local noise regulations. i have also been into their shop, but that's another story.

enjuku (A) - ken did everything he could given a bad situation that was out of his control. in the end i still got exactly the clutch i wanted just in time to put it in as soon as my flywheel was done. he aslo paid for part of my shipping to compensate for the inconvienence. i would definitely buy from them again.

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I hate you too...
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Ok. Here's mine.

Enjuku Racing.com [A] Got a call the next day confirming my order. Got my BOV for $70 cheaper than the other places, and shipped to my door in 2 days. (We're both in FL).

DA Performance [B+] Quick email responses. Shipped turbo with oversized exhaust housing to protect turbo, and it was a expen$ive housing. Then they shipped the right one later, and told me to keep the $$$ one. Decent prices, too!

PDM Racing [C] Everyone is singing praises... I'm not. But mabey I'm impatient... took 2 damn weeks to get my steel braided lines for the z32 brake swap. They were the only things holding me back, too! Just a grudge, mabey.

Thats it for now. I'll just edit my post when I get more.
Jegs.com [B] Sent the parts, but they are a huge company and don't have time for customer service. &nbsp;But... they do what they are supposed to and send the correct stuff.

Overboost.com [B] High priced, so they get a "B", but they were fast with answering questions and shipping.

Tirerack.com [A] Low prices on quality tires. &nbsp;Fast shipping, and I think my shipping was free.


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Enjuku - (A+) - Hella fast shipping and answered my emails within a 1/2 hour. Plan on doing business with him this month and next...

Heavythrottle - (D) Well I spoke to soon. I got most of the brake upgrade done and while putting the brake pads on I figured out I didnt have all the required parts(shims, rods, and sping things). I contacted HT and got yuri(sp?) and pretty much took out my frustration on him(and a guy moving into my building). This was on a friday and he promised me I would get the required parts by tuesday. I called HT and got Jeff today(tuesday). I asked for a tracking number and he could not provide me with one <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''> . Well got home from work and checked for mail.... Guess what it did not come which yuri promised it would be here on tuesday. Dont know what to say but bummer.... I got the brake 2 upgrade and let me remove things out of it to get to a more sutible price, but I can see why its so cheap now.. you dont when you will get everything. I have no future plans in ordering parts from these guys again. The only reason I gave them a D and not a F is cause yuri is a cool cat.. atleast on the phone.

PDM-racing © - Well lets just say it took way to long to get my package(whiteline swaybars).. OVER A MONTH! Plus I got a bill from ups for a some brokrage shit.. I was told nothing about this when placing the order. There brake upgrade is like $1000 where HT is 529. And let me tell you HT sent me good shit. Point made there eeehhhh

Five degrees of separation - from you and your license
91 240sx SE
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PDM-racing.com [A+] - ordered from them three times. Great service! Shipped quickly and Don even helped me with install via e-mail back and forth.
Expect it to take about 12-24 hours to get a reply and a total of 48 hours or so before your order is finally finished. After that it is shipped the next day and to your door in about a week. So if you decide you want something on monday, don't expect to get it until the following wednesday or around there. If your not in a huge rush...this is still good service, much better than some places.

Autosupermart.com [B] - site is annoying to navigate but quick service and resonable prices

strano.com [pending] - will comment when my stuff comes in.

tires.com [A] - Got my tires quick, cheap and with free shipping. &nbsp;No problems, quick response, overall good service.

more...later when I have time to sit and think of who i ordered what from what how it was.

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Enjuku Racing. com (A) Quick turnaround, prompt email confirmation. &nbsp;Ken was very talk to. &nbsp;There was a small problem with the header, quickly corrected (through hotshot, also prompt).

Martel Bros. Racing (B-) again, very quick turnaround. &nbsp;Effectively no customer contact though. &nbsp;Good price on the Random tech cat. &nbsp;Site was somewhat unclear about product, needed to buy the gasket kit as well.

Rev-Industries (F+) Good price on the N1 universal. &nbsp;The rep was friendly on the phone. &nbsp;the service stops there. &nbsp;It has been about 7 weeks, i got the tracking number yesterday when they decided to answer the phone. &nbsp;According to UPS it whould have arrived yesterday &nbsp;<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/mad.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':angry:'>
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<img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''> Mines NOPI (A++) all the way, since I live in Ga, and their main headquaters is located a 20 min drive away no shipping charge. Plus I get mad hookups, Team discount and same discounts they give distrubters (Know people who work there) Just bought my Apexi N1 Damper System Pro for $1440 and my Apexi power intake for $115.

Also Digitalracer.com, (A) when Nopi is out of stock or doesn't carry it ( like Blitz, <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''> damn wish they still did tho) cuz most of their items have free shipping.
'97 240SX SE
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S.T. Sway bars
E.S. complete bushing kit
Apexi CF strut bar
Apexi N1 Damper System pro
Apexi Power Intake
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Enjuku Racing - (A+++) - My fav, bar none quality and service.

AutoImaging.com - (A) - Good quality items and service, they have been helpful enough to return my wheels from my silver s13 hatch since they were chipping and under warranty.

MVP Motorsports - (A) Ordered Cusco items, no haste, simi quick shipment.

IPN Industries - (A+) - Very nice and responsive, contacted me and told me the delay for getting items from Japan, also was nice enough to reorder my item for a s13 instead of a s14.

PDM Racing - (A) - Don is very helpful, he is pressed for time, but still gets things done in a timely manner. Never had a problem when ordering with him.

I-M-Racing.com - (A) - Item received ok, no problems.

Avalon Racing - (A+) - Excellent service, never had problem with them.

Nismoparts.com - (B) - Ordered 180sx lights and never got a response on item, 3 weeks later found out they were out of stock, waiting another month and canceled order, money was returned.

Taka Kaira Inc. - (Unrated) - Never actually ordered, but been very close, they are a little delayed in response but do answer your questions.

Turboimports.com - (A) - Item received without any problems, helpful with questions.

Coximport.com - (A+) - Never any problems, very helpful and quick, sent tracking #.

Shox.com - (A) - Answer all questions, never had a problem.

Tirerack (A+) No Problems, Items received quickly

Carparts.com - (A) - No problems

ThePartsBin.com - (A+) Quick Shipments, Good Price, Tracking #

SGP Racing in TX - (A+) - Never any problems, Kyle is very helpful.

Courtesy Nissan - (A+) Very helpful.

MyOilShop.com - (A) - No problems, good price.

Racesearch.com - (B+) - always helpful, a little lagging in response times, but they always respond.

AutoSuperMart - (C-) - Item was out of stock for a long time, Had to contact them a few times, item eventually was received.

Modacar.com - (Expelled, F-) - sent wrong items, never responded to emails.

OptAuto.com - ( C ) - Ok service, delayed and uninformative of when products are out of stock. All items received ok.

I get around <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/smile.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''>

West - Zilvia.net - Toyobaru.net - NapkinSketch.com
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PDM-Racing[A+]: Numorous orders. Don knows 240's and does try to stock only the best parts at good prices. Have contacted him for prices and he will tell me his and on some low volume parts will flat out tell me I could do better looking in the states. Shipping does take a bit longer, but it isn't bad. Usually an extra 3 days. By the way, his 300zx brake kit is expenisve because they are brand new calipers.

Nismoparts[A]: Ordered the 180sx taillight conversion for $429 plus ~$30 shipping. Was told upfront there was a three week backorder, but somehow got them in just over two weeks.

Courtesy Nissan[A]: Good prices on parts. Expensive shipping IMO, but still seems to have a wider selection and much better prices than the local stealership. Fast shipping.

RollHard Performance[A]: Front and rear strut tower bars. Good prices, good email responces, and fast shipping (ordered on a tuesday, came friday).

Jspec[A]: Expensive (got my 180sx half clear front bumper lights, $125 shipped), but good for quality hard to find parts. Always prompt with email responces.

Mach III[B+]: Ordered my rota wheels from them. Due to a wharehouse error I was sent the wrong parts and they did their best to fix the situtation. They sent the new ones out right away but it took some time to work out the return (may have been the first time, plus coordination with the dist. who actually sent them). In all I got a good price on a good part and the return was easy (they had ups come to my house and pick them up).

Nopi [C]: Bought Brembo front blanks. Recieved Bradi rotors (which is somehow under the brembo umbrella). Contacted them to alert them of the inccorect labeling on website and they claimed to fix it though I haven't checked. Seems like a decent part and they would have refuneded my money had I chosen to return them, but for $24 each I figured I'd give them a try.

Whiteline AU [C+]: Good website, product and support prior to sale. After sale (of S13 works kit, plus extra bushings) there was minimal communication and was not notified of one month back order until 3 weeks later. Also sent incorrect front struts (for a suzuki belano, though they still accepted them on return despite my hacking them apart as per the directions). Seemed to be a supplier problem, which I would have been fine with had they been upfont about the delay. Good prices with exchange rate.

Northsar Motorspots [A+]: &nbsp;If you're in the chicago area you have to go. &nbsp;Real race parts, not tuner crap. &nbsp;Run by a guy and his wife. &nbsp;Both very nice and willing to help out (test fitted harnesses and had me try on all the gloves they carry for the best fit). &nbsp;Bought my harness and racing gloves there (plus a helmet through a third party). &nbsp;They have a website, but the shop is great, though a bit hard to find. &nbsp;Highly recomended though a bit pricey (but aren't race parts suppposed to be?)

93 240sx FB currently very clean and for sale
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most of the parts i've bought from local shops and only a strut tower bar online, for my car. for my best friend's 300zx, here is what i've ordered (and he paid me back right after).

boostdynamics.com: rear strut tower bar for the 240SX and a turbo timer for the Z. i got a decent deal becuse i personally know the owner, but i've been told the business has recently shut down. <img src="http://www.zilvia.net/f/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/sad.gif" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=''>

titanmotorsports.com: A+ AVC-R boost controller for $399.99 shipped. i don't evem think apex allows them to be sold this low. something about a contract. that's what i was told, but, that's how much it was purchased for, and i got fast shipping.

mvpmotorsports.com: F twin side mount intercoolers and an ACT 6 puck clutch. the prices were the best we could find. the intercoolers came as scheduled, but i never got a clutch. i kept emailing them and they told me it was on back order and it would be shipped from the Factory. well it didn't get shipped and they kept ignoring my emails. when i posted my experience on twinturbo.net and someone suggested i post it on the supra message board (mvpmotorsports sells mostly supra stuff), three weeks later after the initial order, the clutch came without any email saying it will be there. it just...came.

ultimatez.com: A+ fairlady Z taillights $400 shipped. this guy has very good deals for 300zx parts if you go to the links section of twinturbo.net.

courtesyparts.com: B+ i ordered clear front turn signals, spark plugs fuel filter and cap/rotor. i didn't have time to go to the dealer. they didn't give me the 240SX owner discount like they said they would.

pdm racing: C i didn't actually order from don because he only answered the questions he wanted to answer. i had the money order sitting in the mail box ready to go, for a stage 2 camshaft for my SOHC. very disrespectful for him to do that, but i still give it a C i guess. i would give it another try down the road, but at the time, i didn't think he deserved my money.


02 Blazer X - 90 240SX w/SR

oh noes
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Tires Plus is really good. &nbsp;I went there on a saturday afternoon..I was able to buy tires..and have them put them on all in about 45 minutes. &nbsp;All for just over 500.
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enjuku(+A)--ALWAYS good service, good prices, fast shipping. &nbsp; nuff said
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North East Auto Design(B+)(www.forperformance.com)-very good service and pricing. Great customer service(mikes online almost always and willing to talk) and recieved my goods albeit a bit late but thats because they werent even released yet.

RollHard(A)-Got my exhaust in three business days(n1 dual) Good price also. And answered any questions i had on the phone when i called.
1991 Coupe
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hopefully reaching a track sometime this year!
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Courtesy Nissan (B) - They put the wrong postal code on my FSM, so I tracked it from TX to Canada then back again. But they rushed it to me priority after that.

PDM Racing (A+) - Quick response to e-mails (~5min) and Whiteline stuff shipped promptly. Don also checked my install by e-mailed pics, cool...

Stillen (C+) - Out of stock GABs took weeks longer to get in than I was told when I ordered, but were worth the wait. Shipped by UPS even though I'd arranged for FedEx (cheaper brokerage).

TireRack (A) - H&R Springs shipped VERY quickly. No surprises, no muss, no fuss.

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