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Builds (and builds only) Got a build thread? It goes here, build threads anywhere else on the forum will be locked and never moved.

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Originally Posted by izzy- View Post
You ever though about taking the wing off, and painting it one color?


This car is SO close to being really cool
Originally Posted by Almighty So View Post
Don’t price bash me.
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Was up ladies. It's been a while and as always a couple changes have taken place.

I bought a wisefab front steering kit.
Shit took a full month to get to me it was ridiculous.

I made a firewall finally so I don't die as soon. It's pretty rad how much quieter the cabin is now. I still haven't had a chance to completely finish the wall Mounting brackets but it's in.

(Ima update this with wisefab install stuffs I know I haven't been posting enough "build" stuff in this post but I'll fix that showing pictures comparing wisefab and PBM.

I got the kit installed like the night before my next event as usual.

A couple weeks ago I went to an event hosted by The Grand Drift Championship at gainsville raceway. It was a blast.
Me and GF in staging


After my first run I realized how much I had been missing with my PBM set up.

Everyone always focuses on how much lock the wisefab kit has but that's not even the best part. I never felt safe with my PBM set up honestly. Idk if it was my low ride hight, soft shocks or what but my PBM kit would bind all over the place and I never felt consistent. Wisefab on the other hand swings from lock to lock perfectly no binding no steering wheel shake no fighting the wheel. It does what it's told and don't give no lip.

Check out dat consistency

Can hardly tell its two different runs

Dailed in my full grip set up (except tire pressure) and pretty much did wheelies

The gainsville event was my first time ever going to an event with this car and coming home without anything broken. FINALLY

it felt really good to not have any issues to fix before the next event.


It gave me time to do more arts and crafts
Moved my third brake light

Shit looks all sikkkkkkkk. Can't wait to drag the brakes at a night event.

ALSO two for one special Orlando speed world after math (edit coming soon)

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Live action from Gainsville feeling out the newly acquired wisefab.

Here's everything that happened since the last post.

After the Event at gainsville I basically left the car alone and got it prepared for Orlando speed worlds aftermath event which was hosted the day after formula drift. There wasn't much still photogography which means I don't have any pictures to show I however do have a super duper shitty video of a go pro video.

(Insert stupid video)

I don't have a computer so I can't really upload any footage besides cell phone stuff


The osw event was fun but I packed it up kinda early because the track had so much grip from formula drift that I couldn't pull fourth gear on the bank meaning I was literally on limiter in third the whole time. Then one run I forgot to turn my fans on and temps got up to around 240-250. After that I packed it up and got ready to head home.

A couple weeks after the event I was invited to a private track day by The Grand Drift Championship at The F.I.R.M. Me Alex schlagel and some other person I've never slid with before where basically going to do a video shoot to promote this awesome track for drifting.

Well. IT FUCKING POURED RAIN 99% of the time. Like flooded track water over the windshield when hitting puddles.

I got maybe 5 dry laps in before the rain hit but Dave Bell captured some cool pictures.

This track is seriously the most fun ever. Aerial shots look extremely boring but once you actually get on the track and drive it it is incredible.

Unfortunately I realized my cooling system was not quite up to par for doing multiple laps at such high speed.

November second they are hosting their first drift event at the F.I.R.M. I would highly suggest going if you live around the north Florida region.

Right after that event I decided this is the perfect time to take a break from driving to do a little more arts and crafts. I needed to build a fire wall and weld in some anti intrusion bars. Figured this would be the perfect time to re paint while I'm at it. Oh and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna re wire my car with racepak smart wire system.

Spent about 4-5 hours by myself to fully strip the car down to bare interior.

Remember that cooling issue I was having?
Well that will no longer be an issue.

Stage 2 Switzer gtr radiator and bleed tank coming in all clutch

We had a Switzer gtr that crashed come in for paint. Being as the radiator core was bent (but not leaking) it was deemed to be trash which is how I scooped it up for free.
It's a dual pass radiator, it's taller and it has the bleed tank remote from the radiator. It's exactly what I needed.

Fire wall stuffs

This is still in C.A.D. (Cardboard aided design) when I convert it to metal it will be smoother.

But pretty much Ima weld all that stuff around the exterior of the cage then fill in the interior part of the cage with separate panels completely blocking me from the back half of the car.

And since you guys never get to see my paint work

Super basic color but pretty non the less.
Did the front bumper and hood

I also got a tig welder. I have absolutely zero experience with tig welding. In fact I've never even seen one in real life. But I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube and here is day 2 on the machine

I'm sure it's not perfect but hey it's a start

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240sx, ls1

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