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Rb20det S13 - Few wires left to go..

Hi there
Im just finishing up an Rb conversion in an S13 but am having a little trouble finding a few wires.

I have pics but it wont let me upload..! fuk sake.

I have the RB engine harness,
RB 20det ECU
I Do not have the s13 engine bay harness, but I have everything else (dash, headlight loom etc).
The whole job is almost finished so pretty pointless getting the s13 engine harness.

All fuses under drivers side dash are in, and working.

I have looked online but no one actually says which actual wires I need to link up.

Wires I need to find/ am stuck with are:

Alternator positive lead (I have the lead just dont know where to plug it)
Speedo relay (under the dash and in the engine bay)
Temp Gauge
Battery light
Clock power
And what two random plugs on the side of the relay box are for (one of the wires I hooked to the starter)

Is a thick wire, white with blue stripe.
I dont know where to plug it, There is a plug that it fits in next to the relay box, but the matching wire is an earth so is wrong, however the other wire on the matching plug is a thick white wire that runs into the relay box

Related pics - Alt 1 and Alt 2

Ive been told I need to link pin 7 from the rb ecu to the red and yellow wire from the s13 dash harness. Sounds easy enough but when I put a test light on the ecu wire when the car is running I get nothing, leading me to think there is no pulse coming out or I need to earth a wire or something ?

Related pics Tacho

Attached to the rear of the relay box is a set of 3 small plugs.
I found the reverse lights here, (green and white, and green and blue -constant 12v)
Ive been told another one of the wires on these plugs is this signal wire for the speedo ?
Which wire is it ?

I have also read its a yellow / black and yellow / blue ?? Cant see any of those.
Related pic Speedo

Temp gauge-
Been told I need to hook up the temp guage by linking an output wire from the ecu to the s13 dash loom ?

Which 2 wires am I linking ?

Ive been told the 7th pin of rb ecu to the matching colour wire of the s13 dash loom. I put a test light on the ecu wire while car was on and go nothing.

battery light
When I crank the car over the battery light doesnt come on, is this due to the alternator not being connected or is there a wire under the dash I also need to attach ?

I need power to the clock.
It lights up when I turn on the lights but It doesnt show any time.

Random plugs-

Now to get my car running I had to chop off a plug and wire the thick black black / yellow starter wire up to this Black / white wire
What does the black / yellow wire do
and there is a matching plug with 2 wires, 1 has power even when car is off, the other I dont know.

They are the bottom set of plugs, located on the fuse relay, facing the engine.

Related pics Start 1 and Start 2

Any help would be great.
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