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Originally Posted by spooled240 View Post
Where did the chassis tear? Least you don't have to deal with rust being in CA..
1 tear on each of the front wheel-wells. You can see it if you remove a wheel. The tears were under the strut towers. The 3rd tear was on one of the rear strut towers, visible if you peel the cloth back a bit in the trunk area.

Originally Posted by collegekid View Post
I like your mentality (not just in the above quotes post but your previous posts about having regret when people sell their cars that they like).

Definitely need to see a build sheet. I looked through your profile and didn't see a build thread.

Do you just keep a shitload of spare parts hoarded away somewhere?

Do you have other cars that you use for different purposes? Like you and your girl go to the movies, do you take her car or do you actually take yours?
Grocery shopping?

Do you have special rules for parking? (Parking 6 miles away from everyone, anti theft measures, etc?)
Back when I daily'd my stock auto S14, my gear selector button was broken and would come out. I hid that when I parked my car on the top floor of the parking garage. I also parked the drivers side door extremely close to a wall/pillar and exited the vehicle from the passenger side.
Thanks. My neighbor's dad once said that if you treat your car well, it'll treat you well. I empathize that there can be desperate times when you gotta get rid of something that you really like. But man, sometimes we keep around people and things that give us grief and get rid of the good things, like a buncha fools.

I've never made a build thread... mostly because I've rarely had my car down for an extended period of time where I planned to install 10+ parts simultaneously. Aside from the engine rebuild, everything's been one-by-one. Install a part, drive the car, feel the part, cool... enjoy it, then try another part. If I ever made a "build thread," it'd likely be 10+ years old, with me posting things like, "So I'm on my 4th set of swaybars now" haha

I actually don't horde a ton of spare parts. Right now, I know I've got some spare z32 calipers and random things here and there, and that's about it. When it becomes near impossible to repair the car due to unavailability of necessary parts... well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. Maybe I'll retire the car... or I'll learn how to make parts.

The 2 other cars I have are an S13 and an S2000. But neither one of those 2 are keepers. I just always wanted to feel what it's like to own them. I've spent the last 1-2 years bringing both into a much more respectable condition than when I bought them, and I'll experience them for a bit then sell them for a lot of money.

If my girl and I go to the movies, we'd probably take my S14 or her Z. Shopping, same thing... unless we need to buy something big, then we use her truck. Road trip, probably my S14 or her Z depending on whatever we feel like. No kids, no worries.

I used to try to park away from other cars in parking lots. That's when the paint was perfect-perfect. Now, at the very least, I try not to choose tight spots. Dings and little scratches will happen; that's life. Luckily I know some body/paint people that I've trusted for the past many-years. But as far as anti-theft, I've got a pretty sensitive car alarm with ignition kill and a removable steering wheel. I'm familiar with most of the places I go to, and when I need to park somewhere sketchy, I try to park within range of my alarm's remote/transponder, so I'll know if anyone's touching the car.

Originally Posted by Kingtal0n View Post
I would also like to add that is the best coolest seat cover I've ever seen in anywhere ever

And I want one, and looking to make my own, I hope you don't mind if I copy cat haha
Thanks so much. I don't mind at all --

Drifting is just a compromise between you and your car.
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