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Originally Posted by MrMigs View Post
Just gotta keep an eye on things. I kinda feel like it's similar to your health... like, you'll usually see signs that you're getting sick or that you should do something before something breaks.
Still the best car ever.
I like your mentality (not just in the above quotes post but your previous posts about having regret when people sell their cars that they like).

Definitely need to see a build sheet. I looked through your profile and didn't see a build thread.

Do you just keep a shitload of spare parts hoarded away somewhere?

Do you have other cars that you use for different purposes? Like you and your girl go to the movies, do you take her car or do you actually take yours?
Grocery shopping?

Do you have special rules for parking? (Parking 6 miles away from everyone, anti theft measures, etc?)
Back when I daily'd my stock auto S14, my gear selector button was broken and would come out. I hid that when I parked my car on the top floor of the parking garage. I also parked the drivers side door extremely close to a wall/pillar and exited the vehicle from the passenger side.
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