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Matsuri was a success! Drove the car on the trailer Sunday afternoon to head home. Stoked.

Tune was horrible, trying to fix shit was horrible, was worried that I was going to blow something up.

Car ended up making 294hp at one point before it maxed out the z32 AFM and cut spark. Found a major leak in the turbo to intercooler pipe around the bov. Got the boys at Proximity to weld a bung in to block the bov (no pics, will get some) and ran without one in the hope of making more power. Fixed the leak, still maxed the afm. I thought it might have been the resolution in the ecu, but that would make it run lean (I think).

In the end we went with 16psi, 250hp and I can't remember the torque figure. Lots.

When I bought the car, I remember the ebc settings were 18psi, 21psi, 24psi and 25psi. I drove it in Japan on 21 in the dry and 18 in the wet without any dramas. I feel like the ebc was getting a false input reading from somewhere, or there is something going on with the engine timing.

Anyway, Matsuri was awesome.

Had an issue blowing fuel pump fuses, so I dodged up the wiring (no pics again) by running an inline fuse from the battery to the fuel pump and negative switched it in the dash. Pump makes some serious noise now.

Car survived the Cyclone last week too. Had to keep it out of the shed, as other cars and tools are more important.

Most of the trees in the background are now woodchips. One of them went through a neighbours house. No injuries thankfully.

And because I'm a sucker for punishment, I bought a new engine setup for this car off a mate. Too cheap to pass up.

All genuine parts. RB25 was built by JHH, who are the best engine shop in QLD, and quite possibly Australia. Nitto bottom end, tomei solid head, ARP studs and ACL bearings throughout, Precision 6266, 6boost steampipe manifold, greddy intake, Plazmaman throttle body. All the electronics were junk, but that's fine with me. Came with RB25 box and a custom NPC clutch/flywheel kit. Should be good for 600hp at the rears. Will destroy gearboxes like they're going out of fashion.

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