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I've been busy working lately, so the car had to go to Proximity for the last few bits before Matsuri this weekend. Went in yesterday and put a few things back together before throwing it on the rollers.

When you don't build the car yourself, you always find dramas.

Made 294hp on 16psi at 4.5krpm before it blew out the spark. Have splitfires and new plugs going in it today, run it back up again this afternoon, throw more boost at it. Hopefully 350hp and 700nm on 98 octane pump fuel.

The Jap tune was queer. Huge hole in the fuel at 5krpm, timing was all over the place, and pacey said it was knocking like crazy.

Cold start sucks, idle kinda sucks, but I told the guy tuning it to leave that. Racecar.

Ecu kept dropping out, battery seems to have dropped a cell, so new one of them in tomorrow - dry cell, motorbike battery.

My dodgy hybrid ebc wouldn't go past 6psi. The old Profec control unit was stolen before it came to Aus, so I wired in a Profec B spec II to get it going. That failed, so I fit a Turbosmart Boost T for the time being.

Plans are:

Today, fit new battery, coilpacks, new regapped plugs. Run it up with more boost, and if it doesn't knock, 22psi will be where it sits.

Wednesday, fit rear wheels, set coilover heights, finish tidying car up, rewire trailer.

Thursday, pack up car and Ute.

Friday, drive the 1300kms to the track, get there before 6pm and get the car scrutineered, set up camp.

Saturday/Sunday, try not to break my gearbox.

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