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Merry Christmas from the land downunder.

It's 1:30am Christmas morning, and I'm out at work, babysitting some big diggers that aren't actually digging, because no one else is stupid enough to be working nights over the holiday season... At least it's a cool 22deg Celsius.

So I figured this is the perfect time to have a catch up on where my cars are at.

The Japan car is finally off the trailer. Couldn't drive it off as the master cylinder decided to start bypassing... It's front end is in a million pieces now too, but I don't have photos because it went from no clouds to bucketing down in the length of time it took to get the crossmember out.

Old one bottom, new one top. Also found out that one of my front struts are bent and only compressing to half their stroke. I've no idea how or when it happened and I'm not impressed. More money to be spent *sigh*

Had a care package from gktech and a second from Taarks arrive, ready to get the car going for the upcoming QR Matsuri in March.

Seal kits and hoses for z33 box, Sr power steering rack/pump/cooler, clutch master, main seals, few other bits for added reliability and in the hope that the poo Sr won't leak.

Wheel nuts, z33 gearbox crossmember, tie rods/ends, etc. For the Japan car, r31 and JZX110.

So the Japan car needs a few things before the event, and that means raiding the old car for parts. Not a bad thing, as having a dedicated dori car means I can have a clean Street car that doesn't need to attend drift events. Will see where it ends up parts wise, and what needs doing before I decide it's new direction.

For now though, the Japan car to do list is bigger than Ben-Hur. Will take progress photos when I'm home in a few days.

Here's a couple of photos I've been using as phone backgrounds, just because it's Christmas.

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