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Originally Posted by cdlong View Post
you should NOT run what your tire says. that's the max allowable pressure. you should run what your car (usually on the tag on the door jamb)or owner's manual says. if you're running extreme stretched tires, some higher target is better, as stated, but the pressure on the tire is still the just max.
I have to disagree on that. If you go from a 215 up to a 235 your not going to inflate the tire with the same psi. If you have 24's on rubber band tires then NO you will not inflate the tire to the psi for a STOCK wheel/tire set-up. So NO, you will not use what the car says. The psi that is on the tag on the car is for stock rims and stock tires. So just like I said, you go by whats on the tire. Unless I guess if they are super stretched.
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