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you can have the TPS way out of wack with no starting issues (car might idle higher or drive itself). i havent got the noid lights yet but im 100% sure the injectors are firing on start up.

Ive seen this before on a chevy pickup with low fuel pressure (which i highly doubt is the case atm)
and when my 240's ignition timing was off it would do the samething, which is plausible cause i set my distributor a tooth off on purpose. but why would my old harness let me start my car no issues a tooth off then i switch my harness and now it cant start.
the distributor is a very big gray area for me so it seems plausible resistance changes in wiring caused this (though i think its highly unlikely my old harness was really good condition)

im pretty sure my reman dizzy was a failure out of the box so when i get the next unit im gonna set my timing the way the fsm says to and we will see what happens and hopefully ill be ambitious and get my noid lights today
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