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Holy shit it’s been over a year since I’ve posted anything in here.

Have been busy with life and the cars have been on the back burner. Bought a house, got engaged, been overseas for holidays and generally destroyed my bank account.

Anyway, last week I was chatting with some mates and decided to try and get a Matsuri ticket again for October. They usually sell out in 30ish seconds, so I didn’t think I’d have much of a chance. Jumped on the pc Sunday morning - bam - got a ticket and a garage. Just shy of $600.

Walked out to the shed on Sunday morning.

Haven’t been in there since we moved in. Turns out I underestimated how much work I still had left...

Cleaned a small patch of room around the engine to slap it together and started work. Replaced most of the coolant hoses with genuine and a couple with some silicone ones. All of which I’ve had in boxes for a long while.

Dummy fit Greddy intake manifold, Sard FPR and Xspurt 3/4 length 1000cc e85 compatible injectors.

Ordered the wrong size o-ring and ended up needing some Proflow adapters to fit the rail.

The Sard rail only has 3 mounting tabs and the Greddy manifold is missing the mounting location for the front most tab.

Made up a bracket on my smoko break at work. Freehand out of 25x3 stainless flat bar. Needs a tidy and a polish, but not bad for 3am.

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