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I don't know if i've posted this or not yet but I ran into a slight hic-up.

My clutch was having slight problems and I couldn't figure it out after adjusting it multiple times. Pulled it and my discs are SHOT. Exedy Twin Cerametallic discs front and rear measured 1.5-1.3...YIKES wayyyy past the replacement limit. So I shopped around and found an excellent price for two replacement disks and an intermediate plate. The intermediate plate was only showing the slightest bit of step...but I figured while I was in there I might as well replace it since it was only 150 extra. The two replacement discs cost me 480 shipped...which is a slamming deal.. and with the intermediate plate it came to 630 shipped. The price of an ACT extreme set up. But you know what... The clutch feels amazing and is one of the best aftermarket clutches i've ever felt without sacrificing major differences etc. SO i'll be installing the disks as soon as they come in, and i'm looking forward to breaking them in. I also got more sheet aluminum from my Local Lowes so I could complete my Two Oil Cooler Ducts. I originally wanted to make the cooler ducts stick out as much as possible to catch as much air and guide it into the coolers but due to bumper restrictions and clearance I had to sacrifice some length overall just to make them fit correctly without looking all goofy. The end results are still good and I'm very happy with them both.
On to the pics!:

Here is what I used to mock the ducts

After I have all my mock cardboard cut out I test fit it with the bumper on. Anything that rubs will bend or smash and you simply trim it to fit. After all the pieces fit I stencil them onto the sheet alum and cut them out with my Angle Grinder.... Yea I've become damn good at cutting with that thing. Not gonna lie...I impress myself sometimes haha. Here is the first cut out

Then I tape the first piece into place and clamp each additional piece to fit to the tightest clearance. This way you can be sure that when you bolt it all up it'll really fit like a glove and do the job it was intended to do.
Once a piece is clamped on.....I VERY carefully remove it from the oil cooler and make Perm marker marks and Rivet it into place. The perm marker is just there for double make sure that the pieces didn't move. If they'll fit JANK.. and no one likes Jank except Broke ass zilvians.
Here are some clamp and bend pics:


And mounted

Drivers side

Put a little left over Baker Heat Shielding on for protection

And My Power Steering Cooler came in. Unsure where to mount it as of right now...but I'll find somewhere clever ;-)

Updates soon!
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