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Originally Posted by paulficc View Post
Yeah dude! Born and raised.

Aw cool - saw plenty of them out over the last week but my car is pretty stock looking so don't normally get hassled. Looking at yours I didn't think you'd have much issue either.

Yeah sick! I have similar plans, just waiting on funds to let me pull the trigger on some wheels, a navan front bar and getting my new bootlid and Kouki rear bar painted and on the car.

Can I ask who's bringing in all your gear from Yahoo? PM if you prefer
Maaaad! We should chill some time mate. South maccas and then harbour? [emoji14]

I need wheels aswell!! What're you after? I'm thinking LMGT2 nismo wheels for myself.

Well, for small items I use, for big items I use a bloke in Sydney, his name is import monky. Good service and he is a top bloke. Tell him Nick sent you

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