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so time for another rather long update starting from july 27th. hopefully i can post up as much as i can today.

So.. club loose night moves. $40.. drift all night? little did i know how this was going to be a reeeeallllllllllll long night. in the beginning everything was cool. thankfully it was a small turn out so i got a bunch of runs in. every run i learned something new and got to understand how this whole drift on dry land with a underpowered car really feels. ofcourse i would either go in too slow or enter too late so obviously mistakes were made. spinouts, eating rocks, cones, tire shards.. the whole ordeal. finally as i start to get comfortable with the car c class was over with and b and a class had a joined group since it was a small turn out. so i watched, observed other techniques for a few hours, got to talk to some people and make some suspension adjustments.. it was awesome. finally c group was ready to go and i was pumped.. ready to drive hard and put what i saw into action.

and this was the only picture i had all night of the car. and my friend dave in the back with the cress who welded my diff wound up breaking his welded diff somehow lol

so back to drifting. finally getting the hang of this, entering 3rd hard finally getting to slide the first turn atleast half way(this shit is looong), i would straighten out and just link the third and final turn and i was happy with that. after my 6th run i come back to the line up, and as i wait.. once again the night lights are shining pretty bright, reflecting off my hood and making my glasses hazy and blurry.. thought nothing of it and as im told to go i smell something. ignoring whatever smell it was, i dumped the clutch topping out the gears into 3rd as i approach the first turn. as im driving i can feel that this time around the car feels like its running out of steam and feels a lot less responsive then out of the 20+ runs i got in today.. but not giving a fuck im determined to clear this first turn with this ka. going in faster then all my other runs, quick flip of the e brake and clutch kick i begin to slide.. approaching more then half the turn i feel alot of momentum is lost and down shift into 2nd to keep it going. as i begin to exit out to slide to shortly begin the next turn i hear a distinctive noise that basically means to me, "i hope you enjoyed your wallet because im about to take everything from it." where i should have clutch kicked is where im actually screaming to myself in the car, "FUUUUCKKKKKKK!!!"

My KA24DEAD is now that HAD 14k on it was knocking like a mofo and im choking in smoke.. and is def not tire smoke -__-

So i quickly pull into the pits turn the car off and my friends are running over to me asking me wtf happened. smoke is entering through the top vents on the dash somehow and light smoke is seeping from any opening under the hood. as people are using there flash lights to view the smoke entering the interior thinking wtf is that happening, i pop the hood to see the catastrophe of what was a perfectly good motor the day before.. i now open my hood to see that opening my hood just contributed to my car becoming more on fire then what it already was. in the split second of me being like O_O!!!!!!!!! 4 other guys had already ran into their car.. grabbed fire extinguishers and put out the fire from under the hood and inside my interior. the header is glowing pink and the 10w-40 oil i changed the day before was thinner then water and 50x slicker then astro glide. we all wait a few minutes for all to clear and turn the car back on again... once again forced to hear what i took time and patience to make sure this thing was reliable, was knocking.

with a little over an hour, one of the local club loose dudes will had a shop nearby knew that towing my car from englishtown would have wiped all my money away.. offered to help tow my car to his shop to see further perform an autopsy and see what went wrong. so in the mean time, will an i rushed over to get the tow immidiatly so my car doesnt get locked in the lot over night and i dont get stuck paying a holding fee. and while we were gone, negrosx13 and a couple of friends helped pushed my torched s13 out of the lot. we finally get back to the track around 11:15.. the track had been closed since 10 and my friends were stuck waiting in the pitch black with hazards on waiting for us to come back. distraught, upset, angry and broke.. we set up planks.. removed the lip and got it up on the tow and we had another 45 min trip to bring the car to wills shop.

unfortunately i had no pictures during this time all all this because it was so pitch black and couldnt get ANY decent pictures. it was shoved on the side of the grass against a guard rail with the hazards on and fire extinguisher residue caked all on the car. if you watched the initial d episode where takumi blows his motor against that evo III.. just replace that exact scene but with my s13. it was scripted no better then that. and just like takumi, the whole ride back in the tow truck.. i knew that i wanted to come back stronger, quicker and better then ever. i wound up getting home at 2 in the morning that night and not seeing the car for a few days, i had some time to reflect, think about the direction that this car was going to take. the most important factor of this all was time. i had no car and school was starting right back up august 26th

and thats what ill leave you with now till i update later and you guys will see what went down for the crazy hectic month of august (with less reading and more pics lol)
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