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Originally Posted by my240issex View Post
Motor was blown, put a new motor in. Looks as it does in pictures posted lol
So, straighten this out for us who are wondering...

-"24,679 miles"- Which engine was that on? The aforementioned one that blew up? What's the mileage on the (hopefully fully functional) one that's in it now? Or is that just what the cluster says?

-"COMES WITH STOCK REAR BUMPER and not the varis kit in the pictures. they are sold."-Why show pictures of the car back in it's glory days, and not as you're intending to sell it? While it looked pretty good in my opinion, its flat out the other guy said, "post a pic of how it looks right now"
I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, it just comes across sketchy as f*ck. You're better off telling it's actual history and condition then those details coming out later on in your posts, seemingly unintentionally.

-Here's a sincerely genuine GLWS to you buddy...
(I thought the prospect was pretty cool)
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