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Leaky Injector
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Sorry for the cliffhanger, props for the Negan gif!

So where we last left the car was running good and everything was looking up.

One day I was driving home from work and the car just shut off. Went to restart and heard a very not normal metal on metal noise. Stopped cranking and towed the car home and started digging.

Pulled the cam covers and front cover, wasn't looking good...

That pulley isn't supposed to be be like that..

Front cover removed and cleared.

The fault was a defective idler pulley bolt and rb26's are interference engines so that meant this head was toast.

Onto pulling the motor then!

Removing minor things ahead of time

Official tow vehicle! 66hp!!

Motor out!

Decided now was the best time to clean the bay and replace hard to get to parts.

Stripped down

Scuffed and taped

First coat

Replacing leaky P/S lines!

Out with the old

Tightening up the steering system, S15 metal rack bushings and solid steering shaft bushing.

Next was to ship the motor to the builder and open the checkbook
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