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Originally Posted by anthony_240 View Post
Do you have a wideband? 45psi seems a bit high for the fpr. Stop being cheap and buy a new knock sensor. Also a sensor that gives a lot of headaches is the engine coolant temp sensor, not the single pin for the gauge, the dual pin one, when that thing takes a shit it will make your car run like crap. Replace those 2 sensors and verify that your fpr should be set that high

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So talked to buddy’s son that sold me the swap, I put the correct octane fuel which was 93 & lowered fuel pressure to 40psi, the idling issue got better and cylinders stopped misfiring. Still sputters & runs insanely rich. I have a brand new Aem x series wideband, but don’t want to install it until I purchase my standalone. The Enthalpy ecu requires a narrow band anyway.

As of right now, I have a new knock sensor, temp sensors, cap & rotor, more spark plugs, main coil, ICM, Intake mani gaskets & new piping for the intercooler on the way. Want to make sure there isn’t any boost/vacuum leaks. Also sending the injectors off to get flow tested & cleaned. Will start on it again next week when parts arrive. Will keep updated.
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