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GRIP ROYAL GARAGE CLEANOUT: Kaaz, SR20 BC cams, SPEC KA, Digi Climate, RB25 Parts, +

We've accumulated a lot of spare parts over the years and we're running out of space! PayPal Only. Prices include shipping within the US. Keep an eye out, we'll be adding to this as we dig deeper into the shop...
Location: Hernando, MS


VH45DE ECU (A18-B12 P74; 93 Q45 w/ traction control) - $45
VH45DE ECU (A18-B16 P93; 95 Q45) - $45
KA24DE SPEC Lightweight Flywheel (Ignore the marker label; mislabeled) - $325
KA24DE CX Racing Aluminum Radiator - $80
SR20DET 5 speed bellhousing - $150 - CB71C
S13 KA24DE Silicone Radiator Hoses - $30
S13 KA24DE Valve Cover - $45 - Unpainted. 4 available
Kaaz 2-way from R200 - $600 SHIPPED
S13 SR20DET BC 264 Cams - $250 - Used, includes intake and exhaust cams

S13 KA24DE Factory downpipe - $50
Thrush Glasspack - $40 - Brand new. Never used, still in the box. Just opened the box to check it out. |Inlet and Outlet Diameter: 2"|Overall Length: 25"|

Turbo Parts
SR20DET Factory Turbo Manifold - $65
Greddy FMIC - $40 - Damaged all over. Does not hold pressure. Can probably be repaired by an experienced welder.

S13 Stock Front Knuckle (Passenger Side): Lower hole for the caliper bracket is damaged from the car dragging on the knuckle. A bolt wont fit through - $40
S13/14 Rear Lower Control Arms (no-brand) with Megan Racing balljoint shanks and balljoint hardware - $100
S13 Whiteline Rear Sway Bar (No end-links) - $150
S13 Tokico Blues with Tien lowering springs - $400 - Dont' know the mileage on them but they look like they're in great shape.
S14 Era One Drop Knuckles FRONT ONLY - $100- One of the front knuckles is broken where the tie-rod mounts. VERY used. Requires S14 front hubs.

S14 Kouki Grill - $100
S13 PAIR Silvia Headlights, Brick Style with Circuit Sports Lenses, Yellow Reflector and HID Bulbs. (Damaged; shown in pictures) - $440
S13 LEFT Silvia Headlight, Brick Style with Circuit Sports Lenses, Yellow Reflector. (Damaged; shown in pictures) - $100
S13 Hatchback Tail lights (SET, Tinted Center) - $65
S13 Coupe Tail Lights (PAIR, Stock) - $65
S13 Coupe Tail Lights (PAIR, Custom) - $165 - These are 50/50 crystal clear tail lights that have had the turn signal section professionally colored amber. One tail light has a scratch on the side
S14 Zenki Tail Light (CENTER, Stock) - $35
S13 Coupe Tail Light (LEFT, Tinted) - $35ea - Two available, both left side
S13 LEFT Circuit Sports Silvia Corner: The lenses have been colored amber with transparent paint. Original mounting bracket is broken - $30
S14 LEFT OEM corner Light: Damaged - $40
S14 Zenki Turn Signals - $30
S13 Silvia VIS (Supermade Style) Front Bumper - $320 SHIPPED - Never been installed but has minor cracks from being handled

S13 Brown Center Console w/ leather armrest - $55
S13 RHD Center Console - $60
GM LQ4/LQ9 317 Heads - $275
S13 Gas Tank Straps - $50
S13 Gas Tank Straps (Surface Rust) - $40
S13 Power Steering High Pressure Hose - $75
S14 Column Controls - $40 each or $70 for both
SSR Wheel Covers - $30
S13 Steering Column - $120 - Doesn't come with the ignition or key. Includes a hub adapter and a solid bushing. All in good shape
R.J.S 5-point Harness - $45 - Two sets available. Both dated 2011
S13 Digital Climate Control - $70 - Control unit ONLY. Does not come with pigtails.
Side mount seat brackets - $50
Bride Seat Rails with side mount brackets - $200 -These were removed to fit lower seat rails. One of the tracks is slightly bent, but it does not seem to affect anything.

RB25DET (Series I) Parts
Oil Pickup Tube - $30
Factory Oil Cooler - $65
CAS Bracket - $55
Harmonic Balancer - $85
Oil Pump - $140
Power Steering Bracket - $50
Throttle Body - $90
Timing Belt Cover Set - $70
Cam Gears + Crank Sprocket - $65
Valve Covers - $90
Valve Guides (Intake+Exhaust) - $130
Valve Springs - $40
Water Pump - $65
Factory Pistons+Rods: All pistons and rods are visually in good shape, would recommend new rings. - $145

'93 Q45 VH45DE ECU w/ Traction Control

'95 Q45 VH45DE ECU

SPEC KA24DE Lightweight Flywheel

S13 CX Racing Aluminum Radiator

SR20DET CB71C Bellhousing

KA24DE Valve Covers

Kaaz 2-way

BC0201 Cams

S13 KA24DE OEM Downpipe

Thrush Glasspack

SR20 Turbo Manifold

S13 Knuckle (Damaged)

S13-14 RLCA

S13 Tokico Blues with Tien Lowering Springs

Era One Drop Knuckles

USDM S14 Kouki Grill

Silvia Headlights (PAIR)

Silvia Headlight (LEFT)

S13 VIS Bumper

S13 Center Console

S13 RHD Center Console

SSR Wheel Covers

S13 Steering Column

Bride S13 Seat Rails (sliding) with Side mount brackets

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