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Originally Posted by drfftn View Post
The Pulsars seats look similar to a r32 gtr seats. Do the police mess you with for modifying your car out there?
They're roughly the same shape as the R32 GTR seats, but different material in the middle.

The laws here in NSW are strange. For example, if a police offer pulls you over and see's something he doesn't like, you will a defect notice. There is either a Yellow or a Red defect. Yellow is minor, Red is major. You car then has to go to a certified mechanic to be looked over and he has to tick it off that the problems were fixed. Ontop of that, each defect you get is $90. So if you get defected for a pod filter, dark tint and tinted tail lights, thats $270 you won't be seeing again.

Yellow defects for example are: Window tint below 35%, open pod filter in engine bay, Front mount intercooler added, exhaust noise is over 94? decibels i think, horn not working etc etc just small things.

Red defects are major, missing body panels, bonnet not opening, exhaust missing or rusted away, seats missing etc. If you get a major defect, the car cannot be driven. It must be towed to a mechanic or back to your house.

But at the end of the day, it all depends on how good/bad of a day the cop has had if you get pulled over. I've been pulled over multiple times and never had any fines put on me. I've heard some police in sydney absolutely go in dry on anyone that drives are that attracts attention. (Civics, Silvias, GTR's, JZX etc etc.

Originally Posted by spooled240 View Post
The s15 also came with was seems like the same color orange interior as well.
Yep, they did. Completely different material and shape though.
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