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Official old grumpy assholes of zilvia thread

Originally Posted by gbaby2089 View Post
My beef is the wheels I want don't even seem to come up for sale in Japan. I've been searching for over a year for two sets of wheels.

As of right now, I have three wheels total.

Same problem. I ended up buying 3 pairs from 3 different countries.

The partouts are really fucking this up.
1. Buy $500 non title 240.
2. Sell ďmintĒ door panels for $375
3. Sell cloth seats for $200
4. Profit.

Itís honestly just sad anymore. Itís like the wannabe ďgood guy part importersĒ on Instagram and shit are doing me a favor by riding the wave. This isnít an American classic car that you can sit there and ask for $3500 for a gauge cluster that you donít even know if it works.

I am just hoarding parts for the long game. I agree with the idea of keeping it as a paperweight instead of selling to some lowballing kid. If I had to get rid of it, Iíd part it out instead of selling it to one person, just for the fact that I donít want anyone else to have it.

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