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Originally Posted by dizzariot View Post
1.) I don't think it was ever like that for me. When I came to this forum with pictures of my first S13, I posted in the wrong spot and got the usual response. I didn't argue, I didn't call anyone an asshole, I made a joke and moved on. I just think it's how people are raised: if you want to become a member of a community you take your lumps (in stride) and try to be a good person...not a self-righteous cunt who wants to post shit in all the wrong sections because 'rules are antiquated' or whatever. I'm 29 and work with a ton of young people in the military. The vast majority are entitled little shits. It might be a generation thing. I get it, people my age are still considered millennials but I'd argue that this shit start with people my younger brother's age (currently 23).

2.) I've gotten super savvy with unfollowing people that have cool cars but just seem...hollow to me. The kid with the white hatch that's always on jackstands is always posting the same picture at the same angle. Some Florida dudes put bronze TEs on a hatch and it's like the second coming of Jesus. Other kids call people out for being hypebeasts and then go through 3-4 DIFFERENT cars (S14, S14, and now the new hotness: JZs) in a year with the same AVS wheels on each different car. Where's the love? You're telling me these dudes posting this pictures with veritable PARAGRAPHS worth of hasthtags really just love their cars? Really? I don't think anyone would do this shit if they just loved their cars.

In a lot of ways it's not so much them, but the people in their comments that get to me.

3.) I feel like this has already happened.

Some more food for thought:

- People selling S15 shit in the marketplace are either stupid as fuck or trying to rip people off. It seems like the term 'S15' is always accompanied by 'SpecR' and any moron can tell you that the fucking cars are all the same besides the motor. So a steering wheel is a steering wheel, not a SpecR steering wheel. For fuck's sake.

- StanceNation dudebro's car. Is anyone else sick of seeing it or is it just me? When you're connected in the car industry is it really that astounding to see a clean car on Work wheels when you have connects at Work?

- Dickriding on IG stories. Fuck dude all I see in IG stories are other people's cars nowadays. We've moved from slanging our own cocks to slanging everyone else's'.

- prices. It's always a razor's edge thing with me: feel like I owe someone the service of telling them shit is marked drastically up or keep my mouth shut and hope to profit when I need to make some extra cash fast.
1. Sounds like you were the 2%, Kudos. I tried to listen to adults within reason but I certainly didn't listen to all of them. Plenty of adults are morons, too. I really don't think it's a generational thing but more prevalent in the hormonal and curious youth. Entitlement is like racism, you usually get it from your relatives.

2. I kinda bounce around with cars but i'm also a car salesman by profession, so it's a little different for me. I meet a lot of people who always want a sick build but find some arbitrary obstacle and just sell the car for someone else to neglect it further. It's really ironic when it's a 240 kid talking about messed up frame rails when they're gonna get another 240 and ruin the frame rails anyways. Just run the shit. There are also some people who just want to try out a bunch of different platforms and find the one right for them. I can respect that.

3. Tru

Elvis s13 is chill. I think you just don't like anything hyped because other people like it lol. I don't see what Work has to do with it, they ask for the make/model for any set ordered to verify they'd fit. So it's not like he gets some special spec treatment.

Dickriding on IG is crazy. I barely post anymore besides sales promotions and memes on my story. I lost almost 3k followers when I sold my s2000 lol

Parts prices are funny to me. Nismo mounts went up so much from when I got my first set. But it's supply and demand. Imported wheel prices went down and now they're picking up. Cerb 1/2 in JP used to go for pennies and even those went up double, so they go for nickels now lol.

Speaking about cerbs, I find it funny you're complaining about people running cool/kinda rare wheels when there are people out there running ugly ass cerberus*, painting their VSKF faces white, and people running XXR still. I mean, neither of us are right or wrong, it's all opinion based...

*I ran a set for a month while waiting on a set of Rotiforms to come in
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