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Engine mods

Before I post up my fitting of my coilovers thought I would go over the engine mods etc. Bought the car with only a custom exhaust (wasn't very big bore, only about 2inch) coupled to an aftermarket manifold and a blitz air filter, I then fitted a manual boost controller and upped the boost to just under a bar and also fitted a high mounted big intercooler. This wasn't bad for a while but decided I wanted a bit more so went to 555 injectors and a hdev 2a map, generic map for the mods fitted (approx. 280hp/290hp at 1.2bar). Also along the way upgraded the rad to an ally one and got rid of the A/C.

IMG_20170904_190521 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

This was a noticeable difference and loved the extra power but decided maybe a year or so later I wanted to go top mount, this was after cracking and repairing the low mount aftermarket stainless manifold a few times and also not fully happy with the way it came on boost. I went for a cast log style manifold in the end for reliability (possibly at some loss of low down grunt...) then after some research and sort of landing on a turbo I ended up with a pe1420. This was however a T2 flange so welded on a T3 to fit my manifold and also welded up the flapper so I could go external gate, worth it for the noise alone

IMG_20170908_184044 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20170904_133732 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20170816_135428 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20170816_134335 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20170909_115859 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20170910_171403 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

Take note in the above pics of the welded turbo, cast can be very brittle so you need to warm up and then peen the welds to stop them cracking! Also had to remove the ABS which I had wanted to do for a while but was speeded up due to needing room for the downpipe.

Had to mess about clocking the turbo and make up new intake and intercooler pipe work, as well as a new oil feed pipe, turbo drain and also re-made the whole exhaust. All went well and after a few weeks got it running. Ended up changing out the stock external gate spring to a stronger one after the first drift day and generally after quite a few years it seems to still be working ok!

This is the finished result after also adding a HEL oil cooler and few other small bits such as thermostatic fan controller using the old A/C fan.

IMG_20171121_132719 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

Lockdown at home by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20180319_181438 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20171125_155016 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

Ideally I need to go EBC as with the manual one it stutters the external wastegate on boost which you can hear in my video's on board. A bigger MAF and a custom map is also on the cards. It is very noticeable in this video as it's a dry grippy day...
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