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Thanks for the replies guys! I am a mechanic by trade and also gone to many drift days, I would think I've done maybe 40-45 now. From my experience bushed and extended stock arms etc last way longer than some cheap rose jointed thread type extendable arms that start knocking after 10 minutes.....

That's why I've stuck with those knuckles, again I could go all out with some trick lock set up with 10 million variables but when they go wrong or I need to replace one part it can sometimes become a ball ache or difficult to find. I am quite used to how the car handles as it is anyway but all comments and critics welcome, after all if we all had the same car set up it would be boring eh!

The car has taken more than enough knocks and bangs now @slider2828 in hind sight maybe I should have bought another 'drift spec car' instead but this car has been very reliable, I am still on the same engine/gearbox I bought it with! So for that reason alone I am happy I continued to use it...

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Some old-school stuff going on here, haha! I have Maxspeedingrods on the hatch I just bought, they ride like shit at low speed.
Ye heard a few reviews saying shocks explode etc but then I've heard the same for other brands which are 3 times the price, I am running them for RandD for Maxpeedingrods so will give my honest opinion.

Next post I will do a run down of engine/drivetrain etc
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