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Thanks for approving my thread

Thought I would go over some of the other bits on the car in more detail. Lets start with suspension and lock kit, will work my way through the car as the week goes on.

I have been running the PSM lock kit adaptors that you weld on to the knuckle for years now, these are a very old design but very sturdy and were the first real kit to include improved bump steer by dropping the track rod end height. I like the fact they came with 2 settings so to start with when I was first learning I ran them on the first setting with stock length arms and then I extended the arms and went to the more crazy lock setting. now even with the extended arms I have enough lock to touch the tension rods and rub the inner arch

I also run a modded front subframe with the rack moved forward to stop over centreing. On top of that I poly bushed the front lower arms and tension rods and the anti roll bar links. Cut and lengthened the tie rods to match the lower arms too.

DSC_0008 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

DSC_0004 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20190729_180548 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20190730_172513 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20190803_095110 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

[IMG]Front ARB link bushes by Daniel Collins, on Flickr[/IMG]

Front ARB link bushes by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

Onto the coilovers, I had a set of Apex's on the car to start with, here's an older photo when I was moving the wireing loom out the way in the arch:

DSC_0472 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

I then changed to a set of BC's as the Apex's were getting tired after a good 5/6 years but only done 2 events with the BC's last year. Then recently I was asked if I would do some R and D on a set of adjustable coilovers from MaXpeedingRods. Unboxing video is here:

Link to the exact coilovers here:

I will be posting my opinions of these and showing me fitting them in the coming weeks too.

Onto the back end, as I mentioned before, I run a full poly bushed subframe, knuckles and lower arms bushes, I didn't fit the knuckle poly bushes same time that's why the first photo's here show the stock knuckle bush still but I changed them out later as pictured:

IMG_20180317_113422 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20180317_124344 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

IMG_20180906_134039 by Daniel Collins, on Flickr

That's enough for another post I think, will keep going over the coming week bringing it right up to date. Thanks for looking.

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