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so flustered beyond belief i finally got that sr running. only to end up with heartache again. i went to new jersey to pick up a power steering bracket for the engine and ended up crushing the oil strainer again and losing oil pressure.

got to repair and drive it for a week before bringing it to englishtown for opening moves. got one lap in before i completely lost oil pressure again and spun a bearing.

it did a nice burnout tho

ive got frustrated to the point that i really dont care what happens to this car. i think its super ugly with rear overs and made my decision to cage the car and yolo hoonigan it.unmotivated to piece together another crappy sr, i did something stupid...

i went vvti 1j because it seems like the only idiot proof recipe for drifting at clubloose. i have probably the worst luck out of any human at this world and i just want to stay on the track by any means possible. seems like these vvti 1js come off the trailer, sit on the limiter all day, go back on the trailer and go home till the next event.

excuse the potato picture but its all i got for right now.

i feel like im at a state where i can keep updating this build thread till its ready for the part out by the end of the year. i will be updating all the headaches and nightmares ive dealt with for the past 3 weeks lol
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