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s13 S13 KA-T Problems :( HELP PLEASE

Hey everyone, new here and wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me with my problems.

- 92' 240sx KA-T
- T3/T4 Turbo
- 3 inch exhaust
- Stock ECU
- Prob around 300hp

1st problem: this is recent and not every single time, I'm driving and at slow speeds it just turns off, then it doesn't turn on but cranks for like 30 seconds then turns on again. Note: my dad took it for a drive and he didn't know and put 89 octance. I'm thinking it's a fuel problem, maybe not getting fuel. Please help.

2nd Probelm: When I'm coming to a stop or just slowing down and I put it in neutral, the car does, only in neutral this happens, what I tend to do is right when I ear it's about to die I throw it in first or second then the rpm goes back up.

3rd Problem: I have a boost gauge and A/F ratio guage. The boost gauge seeks fine, the A/F plays a little too much I think, it's not really steady at idle it's around 14-14.3. When I drive sometime it goes crazy and goes all over the place. Also side note, what is "Peak" for my boost gauge and A/f ratio there's a button that turns on "peak" what is it? And should it always be on?
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