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RS13 200SX -Club Void-

I'm Viktor, a 21 year old dude from Belgium.
Bought my first S13 in July 2017.
A 1990 200SX, which has the almighty CA18DET powerplant.
It had some mods that were executed very poorly.
My car and style evolved quite a bit during my ownership. Went from cheap rep stuff to genuine parts. Still have lots of updates to come!

Mod list when I bought it:
- Shit intercooler setup
- Blown maxpeedingrod coilovers
- Rep TE37s
- HKS turbo timer
- Full 3inch exhaust
- Tubular manifold
- S14 T28 turbo
- 200SX S14 front brakes

Mod list now:
- T28 turbo
- 255l fuel pump
- GFB boost controller
- 3 inch exhaust
- Oil cooler

- Origin Stylish body kit
- Kouki tail lights
- 326power Roof spoiler
- Huxleymotorsport canards

Suspension and wheels:
- HSD Monopro 9/7k coilovers
- Adjustable arms front and rear
- Weds Kranze Cerberus II 18x9j ET20/ 18x10 ET20

Day I bought it.

First 'mods'. Cheap steering wheel and some stickers.
Definitely not a bad base apart from a bit of rust.

Ordered a cheap Type X replica kit but after testfitting decided to not go with it. I did get a set of kouki tails after waiting 3 months of shipping hastle.

Way better.

Ordered wheels from Japan, Weds Kranze Cerberus II.
To this day still one of my favourites.
F/18x9 ET20 R/18x10 ET20

Such a monstertruck at this height.

Ordered a 326power roof spoiler which I rattle canned with 2K paint. Turned out great.

Finally got decent new coilovers. HSD Monopro 9/7K springs
Lowered it a bit.

Drove it like this for a while, tried a cheap set of +25mm front fenders.
But as I expected they fit like shit lol. Fitment was cool though.

Got a decent camera. Took some shots on how the car was for quite some time. Loved driving it as much as I could. Pictures were pretty good for never owning a DSLR of some sort before.

Pulled the plug after lots of thinking about what kit I wanted.
A certain red 180SX really motivated to go this route.
Saw this car pass by on lots of forums and groups.

When I just got the kit. Origin stylish line.

Was bored and decided to do some interior work. Bought some purple crushed velvet fabric and did my doorpanels. Came out pretty cool, but was glued pretty shit. Still have some spare doorpanels so will probably do them again at some time.

Found some fakeadors in an oldschool tuning shop. Pretty much the same as GK-tech mirrors. Temporary until I get real Ganadors or East Bear. Spray painted them metallic black which did not match the paint at all but oh well.

Finally lowered the car some more. Rear coils are pretty much maxed out. Also got Huxleymotorsport canards for my front bumper. They suit it very well in my opinion. Test fitted the front bumper and skirts while I was at it.

Obligated carwash pics?

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