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So the last car (proximity stickers) ended up getting the SR box and single plate nismo thrown back in to get to matsuri. We worked out that we couldn't get the parts to space the throw-out with the CD gearbox. This time, we made sure of it.

Started by digging out the old input shaft bearing. You can see how worn it was here.

Got it out eventually.

Used the shockproof oil to bleed the new bushing before fitting. Would not recommend/10. My fingers killed me after this. Will use engine oil everytime from now on.

So went about fitting up the clutch (not really any photos). You can see here that you can't disassemble the Super Coppermix Twin as far as most. The center-plate uses a plate-spring setup to separate the discs, and I couldn't work out a way to remove the pins without damaging them. Cleaned what I could with brakeclean and a rag. Bolt it together.

No pictures of it together though

Knowing that the spacing for the throwout was going to be wrong, I spent a long while looking over this forum, a bunch of other websites, talking to a friend at the local Nissan dealership to work out the right length bearing and carrier. Ended up using a new factory throwout bearing, the CD009 throwout fork, spacing the CD throwout fork pivot by 3mm and bought a new D22 Navara/Frontier (I think. It was longer than the SR carrier) bearing carrier.

Put it all together with super expensive, super high temp anti-seize.

New z33 Slave Cylinder to go with. Got it all aligned and assembled. For reference, I used a genuine s13 Master and Insane Drifters braided line. Once it was all together, I could adjust the pedal and now it feels like a (rather grabby) factory clutch.

EDIT: Found a photo of the clutch!


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